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Data Center Commercial Cleaning

Data Center Commercial CleaningNo matter the size of your data center or server room, no matter the scale of your company’s operations – your server room needs to be professionally cleaned to keep your equipment free of contaminants and operating in top form. Foreman Pro Cleaning was founded by the Foreman family, who made use of their extensive corporate and business management experience to develop a process-oriented professional cleaning company that understands what it means to work in Critical Care environments, including data centers and server rooms. We provide data center and server room cleaning services to customers in Annapolis, Crofton, Columbia and throughout the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas.

Why trust your data center cleaning to Foreman Pro Cleaning? Our data center cleaning segment is managed by a seasoned project manager with over 10 years of experience in the Critical Care Environment space, to ensure thoughtful, knowledgeable oversight and the use of best practices. We build processes into all that we do so as to deliver consistency, quality, and efficiency every time we service your facility. We can arrange a cleaning program to keep your facility at your desired level of cleanliness and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Trusting your data center cleaning provider can be just as important as the maintenance itself. This is how we earn your trust:

Staff training and education
Every one of our technicians receives education and training specific to servicing a critical environment. We consider this training critical and believe that it is essential in achieving our high standards – and yours.

Cleaning compounds
The chemicals we utilize are at a safe pH rating for computer rooms and considered non-corrosive. These compounds can actually enhance the anti-static properties of the equipment found within any specified critical environment. As part of our standard clean, we use a mild and non-abrasive anti-static dissipative to wipe down the exterior surfaces. This process will help to prevent particulate from accumulating and safely remove other contaminates that can build up over time.

Instead of using a shop-style vacuum, we utilize the best HEPA/ULPA vacuums and filtration in the industry. Anything else allows particulate to become airborne, increasing the risk of damage to your equipment.

While your facility is being serviced we take utmost caution so your day-to-day operations can continue as usual, without downtime. We accomplish this without damaging the finishes on surfaces, such as the anti-static properties found on floor tiles. By following our specific cleaning procedures, we are able to remove debris, both large and small, found under the sub-floor plenum and elsewhere; all while drastically lowering particle counts in the facility.

Exterior Server and Hardware Cleaning
We utilize micro cleaning techniques to eliminate dust, dirt and other contaminants from your data center. Our highly-trained professionals are fully instructed on how to clean around sensitive data equipment with maximum care and safety to your equipment.

Underfloor Plenum Cleaning
The raised flooring of many data centers is a big reason why data center cleaning is so specialized. The plenum is essential for delivering air to your equipment, but is also prone to collecting dust and dirt. Our specialized data center cleaning services will keep the underfloor plenum clear of dust, allowing your servers to receive clean circulated air that’s free of unwanted contaminants.

Green Data Center Cleaning Services
Whenever possible, we utilize environmentally-friendly Green classified cleaning products and cleaning methods. We are an environmentally-conscious company and we take pride in offering Green data center cleaning as applicable.

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“Our experience with Foreman Pro Cleaning has consistently exceeded expectations in every way. From windows to paintings, and bookshelves to bathrooms, every surface and crevice literally sparkles. This is a testament to the fact that they deliver what they promise and 'live their mission.' When our clients comment about our pristine environment, we know we have found a gem of a cleaning service.”

The Chrysalis Group Inc., Bethesda, MD

“Friendly and supportive, the Foreman team treats our offices as if they were their own. The value they deliver through their 'clean to inspection' quality and the care they take to train and support their staff is impressive. If you want a cleaning company you can trust in your building, call Foreman Pro Cleaning!”

Omega Properties, Inc., Annapolis, MD

Foreman Pro Cleaning is a family-owned and family-operated full-service janitorial and commercial cleaning company. We service customers in Annapolis, Crofton, Columbia and throughout the Baltimore and Washington D.C. metro areas. We bring over 25 years of professional cleaning experience to bear, but it's the leadership backgrounds of the Foreman family that set us apart, allowing us to deliver consistent value to our customers.
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