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A Proven Daycare Cleaning Framework

There are few places where cleanliness matters as much as it does in a daycare center. Not only are small children often prone to illness, but they aren’t yet old enough to fully understand proper personal hygiene. This can lead to the rampant spread of germs in child care facilities. The best way to combat this problem is to hire a qualified commercial cleaning service. They can professionally clean your learning center on a regular basis. Here, you’ll discover the keys to an effective daycare cleaning framework to follow.

The Impact of Cleaning Frequency

The frequency with which your child care center is cleaned can have a dramatic impact on the health of the children who are enrolled in your program. Facilities that are cleaned on a monthly basis, for example, are simply not going to be cleaner overall than those that are professionally cleaned daily. Surfaces, such as countertops and bathroom sinks, for instance, will especially benefit from regular sanitizing.

When you set-up your cleaning schedule with the commercial cleaning service you choose, it is important for you to fully understand that the best results will come with frequent cleanings. If your budget doesn’t allow for daily professional cleanings, you will likely need to clean utilizing internal staff in the interim. Every step you take will improve the cleanliness of your learning environment, giving little ones a safe, enjoyable place to expand their horizons.

Work Top Down

When you clean a space, it is important to work from the top down. This is because dust and dirt from crown molding, light fixtures, and tops of cabinets can drift to the floor during the cleaning process. If you start by sweeping or mopping the floor, cleaning the baseboards, and dusting lower cabinets, you will miss all of this debris. The result will be double the work for you! Professional cleaners always start with the top of the room, so when you are performing your own daycare cleanings, follow their lead.

In addition, utilizing HEPA vacuums, even for high work, will limit the re-entry of dust particles.  Cleaning with a mindset to the containment of dust and dirt is important.  Working top-down while also ensuring maximum containment offers maximum cleaning results.

Choose Safe But Effective Cleaning Agents 

In this day and age, it can be challenging to know which cleaning products are actually safe. The best thing you can do is spend time researching all of the cleaning agents you are seriously considering for your daycare program. Some facility owners and managers opt for completely natural products, while others choose non-toxic lines from major brands. It is also wise to make sure none of the children who attend your center have allergies to specific chemicals.

As a final tip, make sure all cleaning agents, whether they are green certified or not, are locked and out of reach from children in your facility.  Both access and exposure considerations are important!

Bathroom Tips

In most daycare centers, the bathrooms are the hardest areas to keep clean.  Yet, it is a critical piece of a good daycare cleaning framework. This is because many small children who go to child care facilities are just starting to become potty trained, while others are still in diapers, which creates its own kind of challenge. To keep your bathrooms sparkling, there are several methods you can implement. For starters, make sure a staff member helps each child wash his or her hands after using the bathroom. This will significantly reduce the spread of germs throughout your building.

Daily cleanings are another crucial part of overall bathroom cleanliness. Even on those days, you do not have professional cleaners in your facility, you can wipe down all bathroom surfaces with approved antibacterial wipes and scrub the toilets with a high-quality cleaning solution. It is also a great idea to provide both conventional soap and approved hand sanitizer in your bathrooms. This will make it easy for your workers to quickly sanitize their hands between helping children if they have multiple little ones taking potty breaks at one time.

Foreman Pro Cleaning Can Help!

If you are ready to work with an experienced commercial cleaning with a proven daycare cleaning framework, give Foreman Pro Cleaning a call today!  We look forward to learning about your daycare facility and are poised to provide you with high-quality cleanings that work with your budget. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding our services, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us!