Keeping A Medical Office Clean During Flu Season


Your medical office needs to be kept in tip-top shape to avoid the flu.

Pandemic flu is always a public health concern during the winter months. These can occur at any time and be mild, moderate, or severe. For those who work in the medical field or in medical-related fields, this concern can be heightened.

However, there are certain precautions one can take to protect themselves and lessen their risk of contracting the flu. These include both safe work practices and utilizing personal protective equipment correctly. Everything from vaccinations to self-care to window washing office windows can help create a clean and flu-free work environment.

The Importance Of Vaccination

This is the most important way to halt the spread of the flu. By boosting group immunity, it cuts the chances of the virus spreading significantly. This is key to helping your office avoid the flu.

Stay Home If You Fall Ill

According to the CDC, workers who have a fever and respiratory symptoms should stay at home until 24 hours after their fever breaks. However, not everyone who has the flu will have a fever. Symptoms can present differently in different people. Other symptoms include a runny, nose, bodyache, headache, diarrhea, tiredness, and vomiting. While stringent regular cleaning can do a lot to overcome the flu, you put everyone in your office at risk when you come to work sick.

Keeping Your Workspace Clean And Disinfected Is Key

All sorts of surfaces in the workplace can gather germs and held to spread bacteria and viruses, even those you might not expect. These include commonly touched surfaces, such as telephones, computers, doorknobs, and equipment, as well as the main office surfaces. Carpets, floors, and even office windows need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of harmful germs. Utilizing a professional cleaning service to disinfect your space with deep carpet cleaning and window washing can prove invaluable to curbing the spread of flu during flu season.

If You Have To Use A Coworker’s Equipment, Clean It First

While we all do our best to be clean and not spread the flu, it is impossible to know who has been exposed to what, or who might already be sick even if they do not appear to be. If you must use a coworker’s desk, phone, computer, or other tools, try to disinfect them first.

Full-Service Medical Office Cleaning Services

Maintaining a medical office requires more than the traditional cleaning services many companies describe as “full-service.” Foreman Pro Cleaning can provide specialized cleaning services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and floor waxing, and more.

We take the headache out of managing multiple contractors for your floors, your windows, your carpets and your everyday janitorial needs and provide you a single point of contact. We are service delivery management experts, capable of organizing and managing the resources and personnel for every aspect of medical building maintenance – so you can focus on your priorities.