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Foreman Pro Cleaning – A responsive, friendly, and unyieldingly professional commercial cleaning company!

Our Story:

In 2014, brothers Wes and Justin Foreman embarked on a ‘scary’ but thrilling entrepreneurial journey, leaving behind established careers in Corporate IT and Construction Management, respectively. With a sincere belief in the power of teamwork, strategic thinking, and continuous processes improvement, they founded Foreman Pro Cleaning!

Why the Commercial Cleaning industry with already successful careers in other industries? After diligent research, soul-searching, interviews with other entrepreneurs (even making cold calls across the country to pick the brains of experienced business owners), the Commercial Cleaning industry presented itself to be a good fit, almost a prime middle ground to combine their experience and skillset. Also, their mother supported them growing up by owning and operating her own residential cleaning business. They have fond memories of working with her and seeing firsthand how much she loved taking care of her customers. Foreman Pro Cleaning is an ode to those memories as well!

As with all business start and growth paths, Wes and Justin have navigated through challenges, unexpected learning curves, and even setbacks. But there have also been wonderful successes, goals realized, and most of all amazing relationships built. Thus far, they wouldn’t change a thing.

The “Foreman Brothers”, as they’re often called, work to keep Foreman Pro Cleaning rooted in a friendly and supportive culture, but always profoundly professional. They want the company to be recognized not only for its exceptional service and customer attention, but a place where careers start and grow with a safe environment to learn, make mistakes, and grow.

With that said, their story cannot be told without their acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and loyalty of the Foreman Pro Cleaning team, internally called “The FPC Family.” They are deeply grateful to the talent and commitment of a diverse set of people, personalities, and background right from the very beginning.

Their narrative warmly signals others to embrace the compelling blend of big entrepreneurial dreams, hard work, and surrounding themselves with the right people.

Our Mission
“To be the best commercial and critical environment cleaning company that can be hired!”

Choosing Foreman Pro Cleaning means partnering with a service provider that genuinely cares about the experience of working with us.


We want customers and potential customers who have engaged us to feel they are being heard from the beginning, responded to quickly, and supported diligently.


From the moment you reach out to us, and if you choose us as your commercial cleaning company, we want you to say things like: “Wow those guys are friendly, they’re also so professional and supportive!”

Optimized Business Operations

We’ve built a multitude of internal processes and training systems to ensure our operations are tight and aligned. We want you to have a hassle-free experience that’s adjusted to fit your schedule, preferences, and cleaning program requirements. And of course, It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about creating a healthier, happier environment where you can thrive, whether that’s in an office, a medical facility, or a critical technical space.

Family Owned & Operated

Led by two brothers who jumped into the entrepreneurial world with a mission to offer something more than “just average”. We pride ourselves, and are protective of, maintaining a positive space and a productive learning environment to the benefit of our team culture and ultimately our customers.


Finally, if there are issues or concerns – and there will be at times as with all services businesses – we’re quick to ack, quick to correct, and quick to return you to a happy state. We’ve found, even with our own vendors, this can be a difficult proposition to maintain in a growing fast-paced business. We believe the secret sauce is EXCEPTIONAL internal communication and processes.

  • Ensuring everyone in our company knows what to say, what to do, and when to do it can’t be left to chance!
  • It must be a part of the operating system of a business – and we work daily to ensure our business operating system supports our vision and missions.

So, if you are considering choosing us – we know you’ll be glad you did!

Meet The Team!
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Wes Foreman

Co-Founder & CEO
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Justin Foreman

Co-Founder President & COO
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Jessica Foreman

Co-Founder & Accounting Manager
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Valerie Fortes

Senior Account Manager
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June Hughes

Office Manager
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Misty Kiley

Operations Manager
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Zach Rimando

Operations Supervisor
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Alexa St Hilaire

Operations Supervisor
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Jaime Lopez

Human Resources Manager
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Our mission is to be the best commercial & critical environment cleaning service provider that can be hired. When you choose to partner with us, you’ll gain a suite of benefits that include:

• Exceptional Customer Support
• Health-First Workspaces
• Agile 
• Technology Driven Cleaning Provider

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