Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Services

cleaning technician delivering electrostatic spray disinfection servicesForeman Pro Cleaning offers professional electrostatic spray disinfection services. Whether you need preventative, responsive, or emergency electrostatic disinfection, we’re here to deliver.

We employ trained technicians to provide our electrostatic disinfection services. In addition, we utilize industry-leading equipment and only EPA registered disinfecting cleaning agents. You can trust our end-to-end facility sanitize and disinfection capabilities!

As a full-service commercial cleaning company – you can count on our broad industry experience to deliver at the highest levels. We understand the criticality of maintaining a healthy facility and workspace for your employees and patrons. The COVID pandemic, not to mention cold and flu season makes this a genuine challenge. However, when you engage Foreman Pro Cleaning for our electrostatic disinfecting services, you are engaging a prepared and experienced cleaning company!

Electrostatic disinfection, as advanced technology, delivers an exceptionally thorough process. It inherently covers all surface areas sprayed and can reach and adhere to areas that manual touchpoint disinfection may not reach.

Is Electrostatic Spraying A Good Fit For My Business?

The answer is very likely – yes. The global pandemic, along with typical cold and flu season, heightens the priority for employers, employees, and customers to be in a clean and sanitized workplace. This applies to nearly every industry and setting. Outbreaks are of course costly and interrupt workflows and project schedules.

Electrostatic spraying is an excellent solution, in is often a part of a complete commercial cleaning program. These services can save you time, dollars and instill confidence that it is safe to be in your facility. Here are a list of industries and facility types we have experience servicing:

Corporate Offices, Office Buildings, and Office Suites

Facility Common Areas

Medical Offices and Healthcare Facilities

Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Learning Centers

Daycare Centers

Fitness Centers and Locker Rooms

Warehouse and Manufacturing Settings

Large Meeting Places and Conference Centers

Labs and Research Facilities

How does Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Work?

Our technicians utilize an electrostatic sprayer that delivers an even coat of EPA approved disinfecting solution, often coating the surface 360 degrees. Based on your needs and facility type, we use an applicable solution to disinfect the area. As the solution is sprayed, it is positively charged and thus clings to surfaces. Electrostatic disinfection can help to both prevent germ spread and respond to germ activity.

Here’s what you can expect from our electrostatic disinfection services:

  1. Foreman Pro Cleaning technicians will dawn appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) gear.
  2. Utilizing an electrostatic sprayer, and an EPA approved disinfecting agent, all identified surfaces will be methodically sprayed, starting with high areas and moving to low areas.
  3. Visible wetness from the spray will be present until disinfectant dry time has been achieved.
  4. Typically, the area sprayed can be re-occupied after 2 hours (may vary depending on manufacturer recommendations).

Why choose Electrostatic Disinfection vs. other Cleaning Methods?

There are many benefits of electrostatic disinfection over other cleaning methods. Common cleaning methods such as dry and wet dusting can often exacerbate the spread of germ activity. Spray and wipe methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive and generally not considered as effective as spraying.

Chemical fogging is another form of disinfecting. However, fogging relies on gravity and the direction of the spray to cover the surface. This may result in uneven coverage, over-coverage (wasted solution) or missed areas.

Electrostatic spray disinfection distributes a positively charged solution that actively attracts to surfaces, including the back, sides, and crevices. The solution wraps around the surface, providing complete coverage. It has other benefits as well:

-Even spray is distributed, meaning less waste
-Quick application process, saving time and is less disruptive
-Covers hard to reach areas

Foreman Pro Cleaning – Your Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting Company

When you work with Foreman Pro Cleaning, you can expect responsive and open communication. We pride ourselves on utilizing trained technicians who show up on time and remain on schedule. If you need sanitize and disinfection services – we can help. And, if you’re not sure what services you need, don’t worry, we can advise on a custom program.

Contact Foreman Pro Cleaning today to get your free estimate for professional electrostatic spraying. You can submit our web contact form, call 888-360-1608, or e-mail info@www.foremanpro.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Service Areas

  • From our Annapolis, MD location we deliver electrostatic spray disinfection services to Annapolis, MD; Baltimore, MD; Bethesda, MD; Bowie, MD; College Park, MD; Columbia, MD; Crofton, MD; Glen Burnie, MD; Laurel, MD; Pasadena, MD; Severna Park, MD; Washington, D.C. and most surrounding metro areas.
  • From our Yorktown, VA location we provide professional cleaning services to Chesapeake, VA; Hampton, VA; Newport News, VA; Norfolk, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Yorktown, VA and most surrounding metro areas.

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