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Are you looking for a raised floor cleaning service in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia? Foreman Pro Cleaning is your source.

A functioning network is critical to today’s businesses. That’s why technology room raised-access floor cleaning is crucial. Regular subfloor and data center environment cleaning can help ensure your technology isn’t damaged by debris and other particulates.

We offer specialized server room and subfloor cleaning for businesses throughout the region. We’re highly experienced, and the Information Technology background of our Management Team offers unmatched situational awareness. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about our data center cleaning service.

raised floor cleaning foreman proWhy Raised Floor Cleaning is Critical

Many of today’s server rooms, network rooms, and data centers are built utilizing raised floors, which creates an air-conditioned space underneath the floors (called subfloor plenum) that carries cool air to your servers and other vital equipment. This subfloor plenum also allows for organized wiring of computers and communications systems.

Unfortunately, this under-floor space is a magnet for dust, debris, and particulates due to the nature of circular airflow. Over time, dust collects underneath the subfloor, and it can be carried to your servers and other hardware. These particulates can cause severe damage to equipment.

Regular subfloor cleaning ensures that dust and particulates to avoid damage to your mission-critical communications equipment. Typically, it’s recommended that businesses have their subfloors cleaned quarterly. Our subfloor cleaning service is designed to protect your hardware. We use:

  •    Specialized anti-static treated equipment  
  •      Approved anti-static raised floor cleaning chemicals
  •    Hepa-filter vacuuming

Additionally, our data center and raised-access floor cleaning specialists are all formally trained to proprietary Critical Environment Standard Operating Procedures. That means using maintenance-only outlets and using only proper cleaning equipment and supplies.

Our Subfloor Cleaning Services

Foreman Pro Cleaning offers comprehensive data center cleaning. Not only do we clean underneath subfloors, we also offer external server and hardware cleaning. Our technicians utilize micro-cleaning dusters, HEPA Vacs, and other microfiber products to remove fine dust and prevent reintroducing airborne dust.

No matter the size or type of data center you need cleaned, we can help. Foreman Pro Cleaning provides cleaning for:

  •    Underfloor or ceiling plenum
  •    Telecom rooms
  •    Server rooms and computer rooms
  •    Server cabinets
  •    Clean rooms
  •    Laboratories
  •    Generator rooms
  •    Digital rooms
  •    Colocations
About Foreman Pro Cleaning

If you need subfloor cleaning service in the DC, MD and VA areas, Foreman Pro Cleaning is your source. With unmatched Information Technology backgrounds in our industry, you can trust us in your Data Center and Critical Environments. Choose us for:  

  •    Background Checks – All of our cleaning professionals are properly vetted and pass rigorous background checks.
  •    Training – We provided advanced training for any cleaning professional that will enter your data center. We train on cleaning techniques, tools and safety procedures to protect sensitive equipment.
  •    Specialized Equipment – We used a variety of specialized cleaning tools in our data center and server room cleaning, including HEPA vacuums, anti-static mops and vacuums, micro-cleaning dusters, etc.
  •   Flexible Scheduling – We work according to your schedule. Foreman Pro Cleaning offers after-hours data center cleaning, as well as daytime cleaning and more.
  •   Dependability – Our team works with businesses of all types in the DC, MD and VA areas. Ask us for references!

If you need data center cleaning, Foreman Pro is your source. Contact us today for a free estimate for service, to learn more about our services, or to ask any questions about our raised floor cleaning services. 

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