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Expert Laboratory Cleaning Services in Maryland, Virginia and DC

Ensuring Clean, Safe, and Healthy Labs for Your Facility

At Foreman Pro Cleaning, we specialize in providing professional lab cleaning services that meet the exacting standards of safety, precision, and hygiene required in laboratory environments. Our team, with many years of real-world experience in specialized cleaning, is dedicated to maintaining contamination-free lab spaces, ensuring the integrity of your work.

Lab Cleaning

Lab Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Needs

Equipment Cleaning

We ensure that all laboratory equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination and maintain accuracy in research and experiments.

Surface Disinfection

Our advanced disinfection techniques target high-touch surfaces, ensuring a germ-free environment that promotes safety and productivity.

Clean Room Maintenance

We specialize in clean room cleaning, adhering to ISO Class 10 through Class 100,000 standards to maintain the integrity of your controlled environment.

Lab Cleaning

At Foreman Pro Cleaning, we understand that laboratory cleaning requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the specific challenges labs face. Our range of services covers every aspect of professional laboratory cleaning:

Types of Laboratories and Facilities Served

Our expertise extends to diverse laboratory environments, making us a versatile and reliable choice for professionals who prioritize cleanliness and safety in their work, research and experiments.

Research Laboratories

Ensuring the cleanliness and safety of laboratories involved in various research capacities.

Pharmaceutical Facilities

Providing specialized cleaning services to pharmaceutical labs adhering to stringent regulations.

Electronic / E-Labs

Delivering safe and meticulous cleaning services for electronic research labs

Chemical Laboratories

Maintaining a clean and secure environment for labs handling hazardous chemicals.

Microelectronics Clean Rooms

Adhering to ISO Class standards for clean room cleanliness in microelectronics facilities.

Research Institutions

Offering comprehensive cleaning services to research institutions across various scientific disciplines.

Expert Training Equals Excellent Results

• Hazardous Materials Training: Our team is well-versed in handling hazardous materials safely and effectively.

Right-to-Know Compliance: We adhere to all regulatory requirements related to right-to-know information, ensuring transparency and safety.

Infection Control Precautions: We implement stringent infection control measures to protect your lab from potential threats.

Bacteria and Virus Protective Measures: Our cleaning procedures include protective measures against bacteria and viruses to maintain a hygienic environment.

Safety and Security Regulatory Compliance: We strictly adhere to safety and security regulations, providing you with peace of mind.

Lab Cleaning

In the world of laboratory cleanliness, the skill and training of the cleaning staff are paramount. At Foreman Pro Cleaning, we proudly and diligently train our staff to adhere to the standards necessary for professional labs. We understand that precision and attention to detail are essential for maintaining a safe and productive research environment.

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Why Choose Us? 

Foreman Pro Cleaning is a highly experienced provider of data center cleaning services.  We believe our combination of Information Technology backgrounds, Facilities Maintenance backgrounds, on-site experience, and our proprietary training program is unmatched in the Data Center Cleaning industry.

• Information Technology Backgrounds

Our Ownership team and Critical Environment Team include over 30+ years of real-world Information Technology Operations experience, including the long-term management of Data Center Operations within the Information Technology Management space.  Thus, we’ve built our Critical Environment & Data Room Cleaning programs both with real-world IT backgrounds AND real-world Facilities Maintenance backgrounds.  This gives us unmatched situational awareness in your Data Center!

• On-Site Experience

We’ve processed Data Centers with 100% Customer Satisfaction for both small and large-scale operations, criticality, and industry.  Healthcare, financial, government, non-profit, and many more industries are a part of our Data Center Cleaning portfolio.

• Proprietary Training

Utilizing our IT and Facilities Management backgrounds and experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive proprietary Critical Environment training program.  All our technicians are required to attend our training with Standard Operating Procedures and Continual training sign-off requirements.

Laboratory Cleaning Services – Us In Action!

Our Full-Service Critical Environment Cleaning Capability

As a full-service, critical environment cleaning company, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to meet all of your building maintenance needs. In addition to our standard cleaning portfolio, floor care services including stripping & waxing, carpet cleaning, and office cleaning can be provided.

Contact Us today and we’ll get started on your customized critical environment cleaning program!

  • From our Annapolis, MD location, we serve Annapolis, MD; Baltimore, MD; Bethesda, MD; Bowie, MD; College Park, MD; Columbia, MD; Crofton, MD; Glen Burnie, MD; Laurel, MD; Pasadena, MD; Severna Park, MD and most surrounding metro areas.
  • From our Yorktown, VA location we serve Chesapeake, VA; Hampton, VA; Newport News, VA; Norfolk, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Yorktown, VA and most surrounding metro areas.
  • From our Washington DC location we serve the entire metro area as well as Arlington, VA; and the data center hubs in Reston, VA; Ashburn, VA, and the rest of Northern Virginia.

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Lab Cleaning

What Our Customers Say

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If you’re ready to experience the benefits of partnering with a reliable and professional laboratory cleaning service, we invite you to reach out to us today. Contact Foreman Pro Cleaning for more information, schedule a free estimate, and embark on a journey toward a cleaner and safer laboratory environment. Your lab deserves nothing less than the excellence we deliver.

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Committed to Compliance and Safety

At Foreman Pro Cleaning, we understand the unique needs of each research lab and offer tailored, fully compliant cleaning solutions. We are acutely aware of the sensitive work conducted in the facilities we serve and the rigorous standards set by local governing bodies. As a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company, our commitment to safety extends to our staff, all of whom undergo rigorous background checks, drug testing, and identity verification.

Environmental Responsibility and Health

We are dedicated to minimizing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and promoting the well-being of both your staff and our janitors. Our advanced cleaning processes incorporate cutting-edge equipment and microfiber technologies, which significantly reduce airborne dust and bacteria, improve air quality, and create cleaner, healthier work environments for your team.

Stringent Cleaning Protocols

At Foreman Pro Cleaning, we prioritize cleanliness protocols, particularly in research laboratories. Our teams are meticulously trained to meet the exacting demands of these environments, adhering to CDC, EPA, FDA, and OSHA health and safety standards. Our research lab cleaning processes have been meticulously developed to align with all applicable standards, allowing us to provide specialized cleaning services that meet your facility’s compliance requirements.

COVID-19 Response for Labs

In response to the ongoing transmission of COVID-19, our services extend to comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection for research labs- including facility decontamination, electrostatic disinfectant spraying, detailed surface cleaning, and specialized cleaning for items like carpets, and electronics. Your lab’s safety and compliance are our top priorities, and our cleaning procedures reflect that commitment.

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