What is our White Glove cleaning service?

It’s a deep clean of your building or work space. It’s a deep cleaning service delivered to raise the overall level of your building’s ‘clean and shine’. Our customers are time and again pleasantly surprised at seeing their building or space after we have delivered our white glove cleaning service. When we’re done, it just ‘feels clean!’

Our White Glove cleaning service is perfect for preparing for events, raising the clean level of a space that may have been neglected, or just a good old fashion spring cleaning for your work environment.

How Is It Done?

For smaller buildings and spaces, we often deliver the service in a single cleaning session via a white glove cleaning crew. For larger spaces, we’ll work with your business schedule to break the space down into multiple cleaning sessions.

So, what’s involved? In addition to typical cleaning activities we’ll detail clean and de-mark walls, doors, and baseboards; detail disinfect bathrooms and kitchen spaces; detail clean appliances including stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators; clean HVAC and air handling vents; detail dust high areas including lights, piping, fans, and other hard to reach ceiling spaces; detail clean windows blinds and sills; detail clean interior glasswork and mirrors, clean monitors, mice, and keyboards, and more customized to your needs. Finally, we can finish with a full carpet cleaning, deodorization, and floor strip and wax service as needed.

We know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with our White Glove service. Contact us today and we’ll get a customized white glove cleaning proposal built for you!

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