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We are Data Center cleaning experts servicing technology rooms of all sizes, configurations, and scope.  Data Centers, Server Rooms, Audio/Visual Rooms, Telecom Rooms, Network Operation Rooms, Battery Backup/UPS Rooms and the like are within our expert service delivery capability.

Our highly trained Critical Environment team is poised to handle every aspect of your Technology Room Cleaning including:

  • High Work such as Ceilings, Venting, Cable Racks, Equipment Tops, and more.
  • Equipment Cabinets, Racks, Mobile Equipment Units and more.
  • HVAC Units, CRAC Units, and other facilities equipment.
  • Top Floor Cleaning Regardless of Floor Type.
  • Raised Floor Cleaning including precision Sub-Floor Plenum Cleaning.

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Why Choose Us?  Our Data Center Cleaning Credentials!

Foreman Pro Cleaning is highly experienced in Critical Environment and Data Center Cleaning.  We believe our combination of Information Technology backgrounds, Facilities Maintenance backgrounds, on-site experience, and our proprietary training program is unmatched in the Data Center Cleaning industry.

  • Information Technology Backgrounds: Our Ownership team and Critical Environment Team includes over 30+ years of real-world Information Technology Operations experience, including the long-term management of Data Center Operations within the Information Technology Management space.  Thus, we’ve built our Critical Environment & Data Center Cleaning programs both with real-world IT backgrounds AND real-world Facilities Maintenance backgrounds.  This gives us unmatched situational awareness in your Data Center!
  • On-Site Experience: We’ve processed Data Centers with 100% Customer Satisfaction for both small and large-scale operations, criticality, and industry.  Healthcare, financial, government, non-profit, and many more industries are a part of our Data Center Cleaning portfolio.
  • Proprietary Training: Utilizing our IT and Facilities Management backgrounds and experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive proprietary Critical Environment training program.  All our Data Center Cleaning Technicians are required to attend our training with Standard Operating Procedures and Continual training sign-off requirements.

Our Data Center Cleaning Service Areas:

  • From our Annapolis, MD office we deliver Data Center Cleaning services to Annapolis, MD; Baltimore, MD; Bethesda, MD; Bowie, MD; College Park, MD; Columbia, MD; Crofton, MD; Glen Burnie, MD; Laurel, MD; Pasadena, MD; Severna Park, MD; Washington, D.C. and most surrounding metro areas.
  • From our Yorktown, VA office we provide Data Center Cleaning to Chesapeake, VA; Hampton, VA; Newport News, VA; Norfolk, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Yorktown, VA; Richmond, VA and most surrounding metro areas.

Contact Us today and we’ll get to work on your free customized data center cleaning proposal.   For more informaiton about our methods and processes, read on below!

Cleaning Compounds
Staff Training and Education
Exterior Server and Hardware Cleaning
Raised Floor Sub-Floor Plenum Cleaning
Cleaning Compounds

The chemicals we utilize are at a safe pH rating for data centers and considered non-corrosive. These compounds can actually enhance the anti-static properties of the equipment found within any specified data center environment. As part of our standard data center clean, we implement a mild and non-abrasive anti-static wipe down of exterior surfaces. This process will help to prevent particulate from accumulating and safely remove other contaminates that can build up over time.


We utilize the best HEPA/ULPA vacuums and filtration in the industry. Anything else allows particulate to become airborne thus increasing the risk of damage to your equipment.

Staff Training and Education

Every one of our Data Center Cleaning Technicians receives thorough education and training specific to servicing a critical data center environment. We consider this training essential to achieving our high standards – and yours.


While your facility is being serviced we take utmost caution so your day-to-day data center operations can continue as usual. We accomplish this without damaging the finishes on surfaces, such as the anti-static properties found on floor tiles. By following our specific cleaning procedures, we are able to remove debris, both large and small, found under the sub-floor plenum and elsewhere; all while drastically lowering particle counts in the data center.

Exterior Server and Hardware Cleaning

We utilize micro cleaning techniques to eliminate dust, dirt and other contaminants from your data center. Our highly-trained professionals are fully instructed on how to clean around sensitive data equipment with maximum care and safety to your equipment.

Raised Floor Sub-Floor Plenum Cleaning

The raised flooring of many data centers is critical to overall cleanness and air quality. The plenum is essential for delivering air to your equipment, but is also prone to collecting dust and dirt. Our specialized data center cleaning services will keep the underfloor plenum clear of dust, allowing your servers to receive clean circulated air that’s free of unwanted contaminants.

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