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Best Commercial Cleaning Services Washington DC

Are you ready to make a clean break?

At Foreman Pro Cleaning in Washington, we provide businesses like yours with full-service commercial cleaning customized to meet your exact needs.

We know a thing or two about the commercial cleaning services Washington DC requires on a regular basis. Providing corporate offices, retail spaces, and small businesses with thorough and reliable cleaning services, our team has served every corner of Washington DC with pride. 

Whether you need janitorial services, critical environment cleaning, or commercial floor care, we pride ourselves on providing the best commercial cleaning services Washington DC has to offer. 

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Industries We Serve

We provide top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services Washington DC businesses need to succeed. We’re thrilled to be able to serve many industries and businesses:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Offices
  • Data Centers
  • Retail Establishments
  • Event Venues
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospital Buildings
  • Day Care Facilties
  • Raised Floors
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Commercial Carpets
  • Dentist Offices

Foreman Pro Cleaning’s Services

To better serve you, we’ve categorized our commercial cleaning services into three core divisions.¹ Businesses like yours say this makes it much easier to figure out exactly what you need… plus you won’t pay for any unnecessary add-ons.

Having [commercial cleaners] around will help your employees keep their focus on their respective job roles. It will also help you attend to tasks that are of higher importance.


We understand that your environment is very busy, and requires your staff’s complete focus and attention. When contracting for commercial cleaning services, Washington DC businesses especially see significant benefits to their employees’ productivity and engagement.

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

How To Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service
We hold all the certifications needed to give you a thorough and effective commercial cleaning. From bloodborne pathogen handling to robust COVID response processes, we’ve got your back. We offer the best services of a janitorial business and the specialized services of a commercial cleaning company.

Our janitorial and commercial cleaning services are most can be tailored for medical offices, retail environments, fitness and daycare centers, schools, post-construction environments, and other facilities of this nature. We also provide trained day porters to keep your facility sparkling throughout the day.

A few of our typical services in this division include:

  • Cleaning window blinds and windows
  • Vacuuming small spaces, like behind desks and in corners
  • Full disinfectant wipe-down of all office furniture
  • Break room/kitchenette clean-ups, including surfaces and cabinets
  • Full bathroom cleaning, including taking out trash and cleaning hard-to-reach spaces
  • Cleaning on top of ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other areas that harbor major dust

Critical Environment Cleaning

Washington DC is chock-full of businesses and facilities which are considered critical environments. Critical environment refers to areas or entire buildings where tightly controlled processes happen.

A few examples include any kind of room with a raised floor, as well as broadcast studios, data centers, and healthcare facilities. Whether you have a server room to consider, surfaces that at-risk patients frequently touch, or both… our experts will give your business a clean start. Not sure how often your workplace needs to be disinfected? Click here to learn more.

Here are just a few of the critical environment commercial cleaning services we offer…

  • Thoughtful disinfection of surfaces touched by patients
  • Cleaning on a microbial level in alignment with OSHA standards
  • Hospital-grade cleaning services specialized for medical environments
  • Equipment cabinet and mobile equipment unit cleaning
  • Electrostatic disinfection with EPA-registered cleaning agents
  • Touchpoint disinfection and standard detail cleaning

Commercial Floor Care

Janitorial Business Definition
It’s pretty easy to ignore your facility’s floors. Despite being the ground under your feet while working, you’d be forgiven for not thinking much about necessary floor care.

Many people even think it’s as simple as running the vacuum and doing a quick run-through with the mop once a week. But this just isn’t an effective way to sanitize your facility’s floors.

You see, over time, a plethora of micro-particles become trapped in any kind of floor—whether it’s carpet fibers, tile grout, or cracks in hardwood floors, these particles always find a way in.

These allergens, mold spores, and even dead skin cells negatively impact the health of every person who steps foot through your door. But consumer-grade vacuums aren’t designed for workspaces full of people from different households.

Our commercial vacuums are better for the environment, kick up less micro-particles during use, and have better trapping capabilities than any consumer vacuum.

The cherry on top? Our team wears the appropriate PPE gear while vacuuming, saving your staff from the risk of inhaling particles and ultimately calling out sick.

And that’s just basic vacuuming! Our commercial floor care division can handle…

  • Stripping and waxing
  • Commercial carpet deep cleaning services
  • Buffing and burnishing of commercial floor surfaces
  • And any other TLC your floors need!

Why You Need a Commercial Cleaner

Americans spend one-third of their lives working—on average, a total of 90,000 hours.² Can you imagine just how much time your employees spend in your building… and just how much dirt and grime come with them? A dirty workspace is unpleasant to look at, sure. But the benefits of commercial cleaning go much further than that. The biggest impact is arguably felt by your employees. Areas rife with germs, unhealthy indoor air, and grime will cause your employees to fall ill and take sick days.

And that has a huge effect on your bottom line. But a sanitized, clean, and disinfected workspace means less sick days and more productive employees.

Not only will workers be out of work fewer days, but they’ll also be happier because they are healthy.


You have to consider your customers, too. Picture this: It’s the busiest day of the week. Customers walk in to see musty stained carpet, overflowing trash cans, and dusty furniture. Every staff member seems to have the sniffles. Then, you see a customer pull out a disposable wipe and wipe down the surfaces nearest them… all while scrunching up their nose in displeasure.

Is this making a good impression on any of your customers? Absolutely not. But your staff is tasked with cleaning up at the end of the day. How did this place get into such a state of disarray? This scene is extremely common in workplaces nationwide. Even if your employees are supposed to clean up, they aren’t professional cleaners. They don’t know how to properly sanitize, clean, and disinfect. Plus they have their own job duties to worry about.

Now, picture your busiest day when you use our commercial cleaning services. The place is spotless… every surface seems to have a lacquered shine, right down to the floors… and your building actually smells nice!

Isn’t this the impression you want to make on your customers and your employees?

What Does a Commercial Cleaner Do?

Our commercial cleaners will thoroughly and effectively service your property according to your contract agreement. When you contact us for a free estimate, we’ll get some information about your location and your specific needs.

Then, we’ll work with you to outline a commercial cleaning checklist and cadence for your business. Our commercial cleaning services are broken into 3 divisions, so you only pay for what you need. Throughout this process, we’ll use our expertise to suggest specific services and objectives.

Our team of certified experts will handle everything needed to get your facility squeaky clean—and keep it that way! Since the arrival of COVID, customers and employees expect a new standard of commercial cleaning.

Here are just a few of the services your business may benefit from:

  • Emptying trash bins and sanitizing containers as needed
  • Vacuuming your commercial carpets and hard floors
  • Dusting of all surfaces (desks, chairs, and every other horizontal surface!)
  • Cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas
  • Mopping and buffing hard floors
  • Electrostatic spray disinfection service
  • Specialty cleaning for control rooms, server rooms, and other sensitive electronic equipment
  • ….and so much more!

If you have any specific tasks you’d like us to handle, just mention them during the process of creating your free estimate. We’re happy to handle whatever you need, and we’ll suggest any other services your industry typically benefits from.

First Line of Defense in Protecting Your Business

As cleaning professionals, we know better than anybody which cleaning products are best for your needs. You can’t expect your staff to know the best solutions, solvents, and cleaners for every single scenario—that’s why we’re here.

We’re proud to provide our professional commercial cleaning services to a wide variety of industries and businesses.  Our experiences with vastly different offices, facilities, studios, schools, campuses, and floors mean we’re experts with clean-ups of all kinds. 

In a nutshell, our cleaning services are your first line of defense in protecting your business. Why? Because you can’t control what people do while they’re on site, unfortunately.

You can put up all the signs you want, have trainings, and even try to discipline staff members who don’t comply. But cross-contamination is still not only possible—it’s likely. In fact, as of October 2020, the CDC found 25% of Americans don’t wash their hands when they should.

You will never achieve getting 100% of on-site people (whether staff of customers) to clean up properly 100% of the time, whether it’s hand-washing or keeping the office tidy.

What you can achieve is a proactive contract with our robust, agile commercial cleaning experts. Let us take the guesswork out of sanitizing and disinfecting your facility on a regular basis.

Commercial Cleaning Services Washington DC: How to Get Started

When you sign up for our commercial cleaning services, it’s like getting a breath of fresh air. We offer every cleaning solution your business needs to create a productive, safe, clean, and downright pleasant workspace.

Your employees and customers both deserve a disinfected, sanitized facility where they feel safe and comfortable… without being forced to carry the burden of cleaning on their own shoulders. We can help you determine exactly how often your office needs to be cleaned to stay clean, professional, and safe.

We’re fully bonded and insured, and our experts have over 25 years of experience across a full spectrum of industries. Stop rolling the dice on keeping your customers and workforce healthy!

Just contact us today to get your FREE estimate and start taking steps towards a clean slate for your business.


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