The Standards of White Glove Cleaning

The Standards of White Glove Cleaning

When looking into professional cleaning services, you may have seen “white glove” services as one of the options that any good cleaning service offers. But what is a white glove cleaning service? What can you expect from such services, and what makes this service better than other cleaning options? To help you gain a better understanding of this service, allow us to explain the standards of white glove cleaning.

What Does “White Glove” Mean?

While “white glove” cleaning does have a mildly regal sound to it, what it really refers to is deep cleaning a building or office space. Such a deep cleaning goes to extensive lengths to keep your building looking fresh and clean while thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing every surface of the building to eliminate hotspots for bacteria and germs. For small businesses, this cleaning will usually take a single day to complete, but for larger businesses, we’ll work with you to break the process into manageable cleaning sessions.

Expect Service That Covers All Areas

Per the standards of white-glove cleaning, you can expect a professional cleaning service to cover every need of your building to ensure the most thorough sanitation possible. Whether you operate a retail store or a medical office, we will tailor our services to your exact needs. Some of the common areas we sanitize include:

  • Doors and walls will be de-marked and detailed for a refreshed and preserved appearance.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens will have their appliances and equipment disinfected, including stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators.
  • HVAC and air vents will be dusted for cleaner air filtration, and hard-to-reach spots on the ceiling will be addressed.
  • Office equipment such as keyboards and phones will be sanitized, as they are often neglected and become hot spots for bacteria because of their frequency of use during the workday.

Professional Equipment and Training

Hiring a professional crew for white-glove cleaning will provide advanced cleaning equipment and professional training that you would not be able to access yourself without investing significant time and money. You can rest assured that our employees are all trained experts rather than simply cash workers with little to no experience.

If a white glove deep clean is of interest to you, give us a call at 888-360-1608 or fill out our form by clicking contact us, and we’ll be happy to tailor our services to your exact needs for the best cleaning your workspace can get.  We are excited to announce our newest hub in Washington DC. Click here to get a free estimate in the Washington DC area.