Janitorial Versus Commercial Cleaning Services: the Differences

When searching for services to keep your workplace sanitized and safe, it’s a common mistake to assume there are no differences between janitorial versus commercial cleaning services. Allow us to show you a bit about what we do as a service and how it compares to your typical janitorial process. Afterward, you’ll be able to make a better, more informed decision on what cleaning service will serve your office best.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are equipped to handle everyday maintenance tasks to keep buildings looking clean and tidy—however, they don’t necessarily provide the deepest of cleans. Janitorial services are a great way to upkeep appearances, so your office is always prepared to host customers and important business associates alike. Hiring a janitorial service also puts more responsibility on you to determine the schedule the janitors will follow and what tasks they need to complete each time. While these services keep your workplace looking good, it’s not necessarily the most effective service.

Commercial Cleaning Services

The biggest difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning services is that commercial services have the training and equipment to take on larger tasks and projects. These jobs don’t need to be done on a regular basis but when they do, a janitorial service won’t quite cut it. Commercial cleaning services are also known as commercial disinfection services because they have the ability to give your offices the white glove treatment and thoroughly eliminate bacteria and germs before they can build up.

Day porters are an additional option you can consider. These will provide high-quality maintenance and cleanliness throughout the workday rather than waiting for your employees to go home for the day. Day porters not only know the best way to keep your office clean, but they also know the hotspots in an office where bacteria and germs build up the most throughout the day and will address them accordingly.

What Foreman Pro Cleaning Offers

As useful as janitorial services are, for day-to-day cleanliness, don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Pick up the phone and call us today at 888-360-1608 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to work with your schedule to provide a thorough cleaning at your convenience. Our well-trained professionals will ensure your building is as safe and clean as possible for a more productive work environment and a professional, well-maintained look.