Hampton Roads Development 2024

Hampton Roads on the Rise: Exciting Developments Set for 2024

At Foreman Pro Cleaning, located in the heart of Hampton Roads, we have always been more than just a cleaning service provider. As active participants in our community’s growth, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming development projects that promise to reshape our region in 2024. These developments not only signify economic growth but also represent opportunities for businesses like ours to contribute to the vibrant and evolving landscape of Hampton Roads.

A Year of Growth and Anticipation in Hampton Roads

The year 2023 was a landmark year for development in Hampton Roads, setting the stage for an even more dynamic 2024. From the HeadWaters Casino in Norfolk to The Atlantic Park project in Virginia Beach, these ventures are not just construction projects; they are beacons of progress, bringing new life and energy to our community.

Norfolk: A Hub of Innovation and Entertainment

Headwaters Casino Project Artist Rendering showing new development of casino and hotel building next to a baseball stadium
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In Norfolk, the HeadWaters Resort and Casino stands as a symbol of resilience and ambition. Despite initial setbacks, this two-phase project near Harbor Park is expected to break ground in 2024. This development, promising entertainment and economic benefits, aligns with our mission at Foreman Pro Cleaning to support businesses in creating vibrant, welcoming spaces.

Another significant project is the transformation of the Military Circle Mall site. With several proposals under consideration, the redevelopment of this area is poised to inject new life into the heart of Norfolk. Similarly, the plans to revamp MacArthur Center Mall, including options for retail, office space, and an urban district, signal a reimagining of downtown Norfolk.

In addition, Norfolk is set to become a key player in renewable energy with the Fairwinds Landing marine terminal’s conversion into an offshore wind logistics facility, bolstered by a $39.2 million federal grant. This project not only highlights our region’s commitment to sustainable development but also aligns with our eco-friendly cleaning practices at Foreman Pro Cleaning.


Virginia Beach: A Blend of Leisure and Lifestyle

Atlantic Park Project Wave Pool
Image Source: wavy.com


Virginia Beach continues to shine with its ambitious Atlantic Park project. This development, led by Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams, is a testament to the city’s commitment to entertainment and leisure. The project, now in the construction phase, promises an array of attractions, including a surf park, restaurants, and shops. As a local business, we are excited to see how this project will enhance the community’s appeal and offer new opportunities for service industries like ours.

Furthermore, the development of the public park at Rudee Loop, with its focus on iconic green spaces and recreational facilities, resonates with our philosophy at Foreman Pro Cleaning of fostering healthy and clean environments for the community to enjoy.


Chesapeake: Envisioning Community-Centric Spaces

Greenbier Neighborhood Shopping Center
Photo by: City of Chesapeake


Chesapeake’s vision for the Greenbrier area encapsulates the essence of community-driven development. The proposal for new retail spaces, entertainment facilities, and a multi-purpose event and entertainment facility is a bold step towards redefining the city’s landscape. As a local business, we look forward to contributing to these new spaces, ensuring they are maintained to the highest standards.

A Future Full of Possibilities

As we look ahead to these transformative projects in Hampton Roads, we at Foreman Pro Cleaning are excited about the opportunities they present. These developments are not just about buildings and infrastructure; they are about creating spaces where businesses can thrive and communities can come together. We are proud to be a part of this journey, offering our expert cleaning services to ensure that as our community grows, it does so in a way that is clean, healthy, and sustainable.



The coming year promises to be a landmark period for Hampton Roads. With each development project, we see a future filled with possibilities – a future where Foreman Pro Cleaning continues to play a vital role in supporting and enhancing the business landscape of our beloved community.

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