Why You Should Hire a Day Porter for Your Building

Why You Should Hire a Day Porter for Your Building

Keeping your workplace clean is an important aspect of presentation, but are you keeping your building thoroughly disinfected and protecting your employees from disease? With COVID-19 raging on, it has never been more important to keep your workplace well sanitized to prevent an outbreak among your employees, which is why you should hire a day porter for your building. Allow us to explain.

What Are Day Porters?

Unlike janitorial contractors, day porters are part of a cleaning service that operates during the workday to provide consistent maintenance and cleaning for your workplace. Day porters also have access to advanced equipment and expertise that you may not have on hand, saving you the time you would otherwise have to dedicate to performing maintenance yourself.

Day Porter Services

As day porters have professional training and advanced equipment, the services they offer are wide and varied, from routine tasks such as cleaning windows and taking out the trash to more delicate procedures like raised floor cleaning within data centers. Day porters are also great for ensuring any bacteria hotspots, such as door handles or phone handles, are regularly cleaned throughout the day, and they will manage cleaning tasks that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming to handle on your own.

Customized To Your Needs

If you’re worried about day porters getting in the way or interfering with your work, knowing you will have the chance to make a plan with your day porters to customize their maintenance and cleaning around your needs should allow you to rest easy. Another good reason why you should hire a day porter for your building is that day porters will work with your janitorial contractor to ensure your building has around-the-clock maintenance and thorough sanitation to ensure the safest workplace possible.

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