Common Office Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Office Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Keeping your office building clean and hygienic has always been key to a productive workplace, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the standards for hygiene and cleanliness have risen. Keep yourself and your employees safe by holding your own office to a higher standard and learning what common office cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning, which means to only clean the visible surfaces, is by far one of the more common office cleaning mistakes to avoid. Whether it be a lack of expertise or because you simply don’t have enough time to give your office a thorough cleaning, this is the definition of “out of sight, out of mind.” Your offices may look clean and tidy at first glance, but bacteria and germs will build up in hidden corners and furniture. This build-up may eventually evolve into larger issues like a spread of disease sweeping through the office.

Not Disinfecting

Too often is “cleaning” and “disinfecting” confused as the same thing. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just wipe down surfaces with towels and water. You’ll want to invest in professional office cleaning services equipped with the expertise and specialized equipment to eradicate bacteria and prevent the spread of disease.

Relying on Employees

Some employers instead think it’s better and more cost-effective to simply have their employees help handle the sanitation of the office. While they should certainly keep their workstation in order, relying on them to double as janitorial staff will either make them less productive or ineffective at cleaning – it’s simply too big a responsibility to juggle with their typical duties.

Neglecting the Hot Spots

You’d be surprised how many everyday items are hot spots for germs and bacteria. These are typically places you don’t think about much in your day-to-day such as door handles or phone receivers. It makes sense, however, as these are things many people touch every single day, bringing along any number of bacteria from the outside world. Additionally, keeping up with all these little spots would be incredibly difficult for your workplace to handle on its own – especially because they need to be cleaned quite often.

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