How Often do Businesses Need a Deep Cleaning Service?

How Often do Businesses Need a Deep Cleaning Service?

Have you ever wondered how often businesses need a deep cleaning service? To keep up with the heightened sanitation standards as a result of COVID, your business should take advantage of deep cleaning to keep the building safe, refreshed, and welcoming to customers wary of germs and disease. Examine the specifics of deep cleaning and account for your business’ needs to determine when such services are needed.

Deep vs. Regular Cleaning

So why would you want a white glove cleaning service anyway? While regular cleaning services help to make your business look orderly and clean on a surface level, deep cleaning really refurbishes your business by disinfecting surfaces, removing stains from carpets, refinishing tiles, wood, ceramic, or concrete floors. Deep cleaning also extends to parts of your business’ utilities like air ventilation and common office equipment like keyboards, phones, and copy machines because they see so much daily traffic that bacteria quickly build upon them. Regular cleaning services will help you maintain the appearance and preserve the sanitation deep cleaning does for longer but will never be able to substitute white-glove cleaning.

Why it’s Important

When you think of germs and bacteria, you often assume they accumulate the most in areas like the bathroom. Well, surprisingly, toilets are practically pure in comparison to doorknobs and office desks. You can’t see it, but these areas accumulate so much bacteria as employees share facilities and surfaces – bringing in contaminants from the outside. Regular cleaning can help you manage the bacteria and prevent it from getting too out of hand, but you need to disinfect and really get into the nooks and crannies of your business to effectively eliminate such germs.

Scheduling Cleaning Services

With all that in mind, you can begin to determine how often a business needs a deep cleaning service. Some general advice to consider is that if you’re a small office with a light amount of traffic, then you need only deep clean the office once or twice a year. An office with regular traffic may need deep cleaning services bi-annually or every other month. Bustling corporate offices, especially with carpets, will likely need a fresh deep clean every single month in order to keep on top of all the bacteria and germs that are being brought into the office from outside.

Concerning the pandemic, we’re not out of the woods yet. Be proactive and call Foreman Pro Cleaning today at 888-360-1608 or contact us online. We’ll ensure your business can operate safely and efficiently with our thorough and expert deep cleaning services.