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What Does a Day Porter Do?

What does a day porter do? To start, they are probably the most important position that your office or commercial building is lacking! To be more specific, a day porter is a highly specialized position that helps your building look phenomenal for guests, employees, and customers all day long. A day porter will clean areas of your building throughout the day, look for ways to optimize the cleaning process, and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Beyond those duties, what exactly does a day porter do every day?

They Have a Specialized Eye

Unlike other janitorial professionals, day porters have a keen eye for making buildings shine. They often end up becoming an extension of your staff and a critical component of your team. Day porters also serve as the valuable link between your company and your evening cleaning team. Your cleaning and repair needs will be addressed right away and in person, instead of over email or not at all.

They Are Trained Professionals

Day porters, especially when hired through Foreman Pro Cleaning, are chosen because they are a perfect fit for the position and the personality of your office. A great day porter will work with your office in a seamless fashion and also come to you with all of the due diligence completed, including things like criminal background checks, drug testing, and reference checks.

Deliver Extended Hours that Your Business is Clean

On a basic level, day porters keep your business clean for longer periods of time. They are excellent when it comes to juggling their time and keeping things beautiful during the day, when nobody would ordinarily be cleaning up. If you currently have a professional cleaning company come at night, on busy days your bathrooms might end up with piles of paper towels, no toilet paper, and unflushed toilets. A day porter will make sure that your entire facility makes a top-notch impression every single day, no matter what time it is.

Foreman Pro Cleaning – We Can Help

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