Commercial Office Cleaning Can Help Beautify Building Entrances

Does your Baltimore office need cleaning? Commercial office cleaning does not only benefit the interiors of your buildings. Building entrances can benefit as well. Since entrance areas are essential to making a good first impression, you should be mindful of the way these entrances are laid out. Clean and beautiful building entrances are easier to navigate and more enjoyable to spend time in. Here’s what you can do to help beautify your building entrance: emphasize safety, check on conditions, and maintain a balance between the beauty of your entrance and how much it costs to keep it that way.

Emphasize Safety

Begin making a good first impression by emphasizing safety. One way to improve safety is by laying down mats near the doors. After all, summers in Baltimore can be humid and stormy. Keep the dirt and dampness of the outside world out of your office building with these mats. With these mats in places, anyone who enters your building will be welcomed with a place to wipe their feet before continuing. You should also have a second mat outside for people to wipe their feet before they even come in.

Storms can bring heavy rain, and rain can bring heavy water damage to your floors. Even water puddling can be a hazard, as people who enter have a higher risk of slipping and falling. Consider adding an umbrella stand and deploying the ever-recognizable wet floor signs for rainy days. Another way to emphasize safety is to constantly check on the conditions of your entrance.

Check on Conditions

Mats used by commercial businesses and offices will often see far more foot traffic than similar welcome mats used for residences. As such, you should constantly check on the condition of these mats. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring your mats are as clean as can be:

  • Keep your front entrance clean and dry.
  • During particularly busy times, inspect the mats for the presence of dirt or water stains.
  • Remove small spots of dirt and debris by taking them outside to brush them down.
  • Have your entire entryway cleaned on a weekly basis, or simply have the mats vacuumed. Either way, experts specializing in commercial office cleaning can do this quickly, efficiently, and without imposing on you or your employees.

Maintain a Balance

The third way to beautify your commercial office’s entrance is to maintain a balance. You’ll want to maintain the balance between how beautiful and appealing you want your entryway to be, and how much you will want to spend to make it so. Although choosing more affordable mats and other measures could save money at first, in the long run, it might end up costing you more.


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