Cleaning Floor Mats for Your Business

Keeping dirt and dust outside your business is for the best. You don’t want customers to be turned off by how dirty the inside of your building is. Save time and money by getting your floor mats cleaned regularly. In this blog, we will explore the best ways for cleaning floor mats.

Industry Advice on Cleaning Floor Mats

  1. Depending on overall foot traffic and the weather conditions outside your business, clean the floor mats constantly.
  2. Ensure that all of your cleaning equipment is kept in good repair. Replace bags and belts and brushes if need be.
  3. Also make sure that your cleaning equipment is being used properly. Vacuuming too quickly not only damages the vacuum, but also harms its ability to clean.
  4. What sort of stains have accumulated on your floor mats? Carpet spotting solutions can help clear up stains that are crusted on.

Some Other Pieces of Advice for Cleaning Floor Mats

  • Besides vacuuming, you can also try this: use a soft floor brush and lightly scrub the mats.
  • Using mild detergents or carpet cleaning solutions specially formulated for this task are also helpful.
  • When it comes time, use a pressure washer. What can a pressure washer do for you? Pressure washers can blast away any remaining debris or residue. The pressure washers will also ensure that the detergent you used gets cleaned off as well.
  • For best results, be sure to “flush” your mat two or three times after using the solutions. Cleaning off any residue will prevent any accidental staining.
  • To let dry, hang up your mats. Hanging up your floor mats will allow gravity to take over. Gravity can run off any leftover moisture.
  • Once you are confident that the mat is fully dry, it can be returned to service.
  • Repeat these steps to clean your floor mats as often as needed.
  • Cleaning floor mats is as easy as this.


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