Some of the Best Practices for Retail Cleaning

What are some of the best practices for retail cleaning? Retail cleaning is a vital part of keeping your retail business thriving. In this blog we will explore some of the best practices for retail cleaning. Follow these practices and your business will look brand new in no time!


The Best Practices for Retail Cleaning Are an Easy Sell

Card Readers: Generally, you’ll want to clean these once a week. Btu after periods of intensely high usage, like the holidays, clean them more often. Keep them free of dust, dirt or grime, or weather hazards. If they go too long without being cleaned, various malfunctions can happen. These malfunctions appear as system failures, the device going out of order, and angering your customers. How do you know the device is too dirty? If issues such as constant card rejections, reader errors, or repeated attempts at a card swipe crop up.    

Check Readers: While checks used for payment at retail stores isn’t as common as it used to be, they can still be valid forms of payment. Make sure to clean these every 2000 scans or so. Every three or four months is another good benchmark to stick to when cleaning these devices. What can happen if you don’t keep up with cleaning them? Increased processing times, increased risk of fraud, and again, customer anger. If you find issues such as poor quality images, check rejection, or read failures, the device could be too dirty as well.

Thermal Printers: Clean these every time you change the media roll (the paper inside it). Also try to clean it twice a month. Paper dust, ink, and adhesives can all affect the device. Environmental conditions such as grease particles can damage the printers as well. Some symptoms include paper jams and illegible receipts.

Bill Acceptors: You should clean these every time the machine is emptied, or aim for twice per month at the least. After periods of intense usage, be sure to clean them as well. Money is one of the dirtiest items in our world, and can cause mayhem such as read failures, bill slippage, profit and revenue loss, and especially customer anger. Read errors and the unit going out of order are obvious signs that the bill acceptor needs maintenance.



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