Busy Office Space

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Office Smelling Nice

Busy offices just coming out of the winter doldrums can get stale. As spring allergy season rolls in, the temptation to throw open the windows to welcome in fresh breezes can be tempting. Who doesn’t want to let in warmth and light? But luckily, there are still five simple ways to keep your office smelling nice. We’ll outline those ways in this week’s blog.

 Keeping It Clean

This part should be fairly obvious. Keeping your office clean is the first and easiest step to keeping it smelling good. A professional service can be trusted to do the heavy lifting in this regard. Once you don’t have to worry about taking care of these tasks during your workday, you can use that time to focus on other things. Increased productivity is a great benefit and by-product of this step. Find out how to choose a commercial cleaning service you can trust.

Opening the Windows

Now we did mention the temptations of the windows earlier. Of course, opening the windows can allow pollen and ragweed and other allergens to enter your office. But on the other hand, opening the windows will let in natural air and freshen up the interior as well. In good weather, this is a smart idea. Any bad smells that just won’t go away otherwise can be done away with. Getting some fresh air circulating will let everyone feel better, and be more awake and alert to boot.

Maintaining the Bathrooms

Make sure your cleaning service addresses the bathrooms, too! A bathroom that smells fresh tells your team that you care. Sensitivity to smells matter here, though. If your employees are overwhelmed by the scents in the bathroom, it probably won’t help their productivity much. Be especially careful if your bathrooms are particularly small spaces.

Maintaining the Break Room

In the same vein, you’ll want to be sure the break room is well-maintained. Pay special attention to the refrigerator and what is kept inside of it. Are there foods with heavy scents like fish, curry, or popcorn? These smells easily get out and an befoul the office air.

Using Fresh Scents

For this step, it’s best to stay clear of candles. Candles are tremendous for home use, but not as much help at the office. Products such as plug-in air fresheners and essential oil diffusers are probably better for this purpose. Remember to keep in mind people with strong scent sensitivities, whether they are employees, customers, or visitors. An office space that smells amazing is likely one your employees will want to work in.


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