Reasons to Step Up Your Retail Cleaning for the Holidays

Tis the season of receiving and buying gifts for loved ones. The week before Christmas brings many last-minute shoppers in and out of retail stores. An increase in foot traffic causes many cleaning concerns. Janitorial services are here to take the pressure off retail stores maintaining a clean welcoming environment. Make a good impression on holiday shoppers with a retail cleaning service. Here are some reasons to step up retail cleaning for the holidays.

Foot traffic

Floors take much punishment from people standing in line or walking around looking for a gift. Nobody wants to see wore down floors. All types of dirt are brought in from foot traffic. Winter weather conditions cause muddy or wet shoes to track dirt in from walking outside. A dirty floor can cause hazards and raise the possibility of slipping. Carpet floors are pretty for a store but they are easily stained by dirt. Replacing carpets take time and can be costly. High heel shoes or hard soled shoes are prone to leaving scuffs and scratches on hardwood floors. Cleaning services know the proper procedures to cleaning hardwood floors while keeping them durable.


Holiday shoppers can get a little careless when they are last minute shopping. Malls have food courts that are just steps away from retails stores. Aisle shelves tend to be landing spots for cups and other foods. This carelessness heightens the chances of drops or spills on floors. Liquids or foods on the floor cause walking hazards to customers and employees. Spills from drinks put stains on carpet floors that are highly noticeable. Don’t put another burden on your employees by making them cleanup these mishaps. Let a cleaning service do the job and help you run your business in a clean environment.


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