How to Protect Your Floor from Ice Salt

The snow plows are roaming the streets, distributing a chemical cocktail and ice salt all over to keep travelers safe and pedestrians from slipping. While ice salt is great for people on the road or walking on the sidewalk, it is a nightmare for your commercial flooring! How can you deal with floor cleaning during the winter months that are full of ice salt and chemicals?

You Can Never Have Too Many Mats

Okay, I am sure that you can technically have too many mats, but we have yet to see a commercial building with too many! The best way to help keep ice salt from getting onto your flooring is by preventing it from getting tracked inside. Use welcome mats at the direct entrance to the building and additional floor mats on the inside of the building. Floor mats will make your floor cleaning job a whole lot easier and reduce the risk of guests slipping and falling.

Clean Often

Cleaning your floor often is another great way to prevent it from being too damaged from ice salt. If you have hardwood flooring, do everything in your power to keep ice salt from getting on it. Salt can eat (literally) through your wood floor’s varnish and discolor the wood below. Even worse, hardwood floors eat up moisture. When they get wet consistently over the winter months, that warping can add up to ugly discoloration, warping, or gaps. Wiping up any excess water and cleaning up ice salt is important when it comes to protecting your flooring.

Pass it On

This sounds silly, but many people in your commercial building might not know why it’s important to keep ice salt out of the building. If you pass on information about the damage it can do, people will be more conscientious and less likely to track ice salt all over. A little information can go a long way!

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