The Importance of Daycare Cleaning

The Importance of Daycare Cleaning
Daycare cleaning is vital. If you are looking to rise above the pack, here is how important is to keep your daycare environment spotless and above reproach.

Every day, all across the country, parents are dropping off their children at daycare centers. Parents are putting their inherent trust in the daycare providers and the business. Every day,  even more parents every day are looking for that one perfect daycare for their child. They’ll have a list of what they’re looking for and cleanliness rises to the top of that list. A safe and sanitary environment is what all parents want for their children but all too often, companies meet only the minimum standards of cleanliness and safety. Because daycare cleaning is so vital, if you are looking to rise above the pack, here is how important is to keep your daycare environment spotless and above reproach.

Let’s Be Realistic

We all know children, especially toddlers are constantly touching things and almost immediately putting them into their mouths. Not only that, they are touching things other people have put in their mouths and then crawling where any number of bacteria could roam. Obviously, it is best to keep the environment as clean as humanly possible with children underfoot; however, it is important to know how certain cleaning chemicals could have a negative effect on young children as well.

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

To the casual cleaner, these three words may or may not seem synonymous with each other but they have different definitions:

Cleaners: These products remove dirt and most other contaminants. Examples of these products include soap, detergent, and green cleaners.

Sanitizers: These products reduce surface bacteria to acceptable and safe levels.

Disinfectants: These destroy numerous types of organisms like bacteria and other viruses.

When choosing the safest and most effective cleaning products, use green cleaners. Consider hiring a cleaning company that knows and has access to the safest products for use for your daycare center.

What Else Can You Do?

Children’s immune systems are much more sensitive as they have not been exposed to as much sickness. The biggest and best thing you can do is have the children wash their hands, and teach them how to do it properly. Making hand washing a priority in your center or classroom can significantly cut down on the spread of germs and bacteria even when you’re not cleaning.

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