Patient-Oriented Medical Facility Cleaning

At any healthcare facility, cleanliness needs to be the top priority. Not only does it help reduce the number of health and safety risks at your healthcare facility, it can be a major factor in patient retention and happiness as well as contributing to your overall financial success. Here is how to how find professionals dedicated to medical facility cleaning and how these professionals can benefit you in the long run.

All About the Patients

Whether you are a physical therapist, a dentist or a primary physician, your patient’s care is of the utmost importance. A welcoming atmosphere will encourage patients to return and will also confirm your skill and credibility in their eyes. When you view your practice through the eyes of a patient or potential patient then you will find more success. In some cases, certain offices will need to go through specific training to implement new procedures for cleaning.

Where to Start

To start it is important to create a plan based on your facility’s needs. Your janitorial staff and your employees need to come together and discuss the importance of any special cleaning that needs to be taken care of, and if any maintenance needs to be done. To create a comprehensive set of cleanliness expectations, make sure every employee is trained in the following:

  • Standard precautions
  • Infectious waste disposal
  • Precautions for sharps (needles)
  • Cross-contamination prevention
  • Personal protective equipment

Think About Specialization

There are generic cleaning procedures that are designed for healthcare environments that maximize infection control. It may be a good idea to design your own cleaning procedures and tools to be able to control the process better. Make sure you are focusing on all areas of your office and making them a priority. For example, waiting rooms can collect many germs due to sick patients being there, so the rooms need constant decontamination. Nurse’s stations also collect germs and require frequent sanitization. Obviously, exam rooms and operating rooms are the most important areas of your healthcare facility to keep clean as patients come into contact with almost every surface.

Foreman Pro Cleaning For Your Medical Facility Cleaning

Foreman Pro Cleaning is a full service janitorial and commercial cleaning company that is equipped to keep your home or business in top shape for years to come. Our hundreds of happy clients can testify to the quality of our work, the efficiency of our professions, and the beautiful clean that they experience. If you’re ready to see how a professional can upgrade your service and keep your clients happy, give us a call at 410-741-3450 or visit us online.