Tips for Retail Restroom Cleaning

Anyone who works in retail knows that retail restroom cleaning can sometimes be daunting. Especially during times of high volume, it can be difficult to spare even one employee to keep up with it. Your restroom might not be helping your company’s image, however, and that is why it needs to be a bigger priority in your company – not only for the sake of your brand but cleanliness and health in general. Let’s talk about how to manage the restrooms in your retail store.

Your Custodial Cart

Make sure that you have the proper tools to perform retail restroom cleaning. Good cleaning starts with a well-stocked custodial cart, or caddy, that is readily available for any mishap. Ensure that you have enough cleaning cloths, disinfecting sprays, and toilet bowl brushes. Also be sure to include extra supplies to restock when old supplies start running low.

Maintain Consistency

Try, if possible, to have the same people cleaning your restrooms, so they are well-versed in how to clean the bathrooms. When teaching them to clean effectively and efficiently, remind them to focus on cleaning thoroughly every time to avoid a buildup of nasty odors.

Perform a Deep Clean

At least twice a year, you should perform a deep clean. But in a perfect world, this deep clean should occur more often. Wash the tile walls, paper products fixtures, and sanitize the floors. Each of these tasks is an item that should be checked off during every cleaning, but when it’s time for the semi-annual deep cleaning, you should spend much more time on each of these tasks to ensure maximum cleanliness.

A Mopping Tip

Always use approved chemicals when mopping floors to avoid residue or surfaces not being properly cleaned. To loosen grout in tiles, lightly spray some solution to soak in for a few minutes before wiping it up. Use a clean mop with fresh water and do final mopping to ensure a clean surface.

Check and Double Check

As you clean the restroom fixtures, test them to make sure they are working and fully stocked. Check soap dispensers, paper towel holders, and toilet paper dispensers, wiping them down to disinfect them in the process. If you notice that anything is not working or needs a replacement, do so immediately.

Trust Foreman Pro Cleaning For Your Retail Restroom Cleaning

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