10 Cleaning Tips for Your Data Center

A data center cleaning is crucial to ensure that all the equipment in the center works properly and operates as it is supposed to. While it’s best to hire professionals to make sure the job is done right, there are a few cleaning tips the staff within a data center should exercise on their own. Let’s take a look at 10 cleaning tips for your data center.

  • Don’t Sweep the Floors

 When you sweep the floors of your data center, you are actually making things worse. The dirt particles get into the air and get pushed into cracks on the ground when you sweep.

  • Use a Dry Mop

Instead of sweeping, use a dry mop or vacuum to pick up dirt particles and debris. This is a much more effective way to clean a subfloor and floor surface. You won’t have to worry about spreading out the dirt particles.

  • Stick with the Same Mop

Whatever mop you use, make sure that it is the same mop you use every time. You don’t want to risk bringing in outside contaminants by constantly switching your mops.

  • Use the Right Chemicals

 If you need to use chemicals for whatever reason, make sure the chemicals are approved for use in the data center.

  • Clean Inside of Cabinets with Disposable Cloths

You don’t want to risk any water getting anywhere near the equipment, so make sure to use a moist, disposable cloth when cleaning inside and outside of cabinets.

  • Make Sure Everyone Knows

Make sure that everyone knows the importance of data center cleaning. Get everyone on the same page.

  • All Vacuum Cleaners Must be Emptied Outside Data Center

One of the most important data center cleaning tips is to make sure that all the vacuum cleaners are emptied outside the data center.

  • Look for Signs of Dusty Coating

Signs of dusty coating can be found on the floor, and this means that your A/C belts are most likely worn out.

  • All Vacuum Cleaners Must be in Working Order

Even if just one vacuum cleaner is slightly out of whack, it can routine your entire cleaning session by putting dirty particles back into your data center.

  • Work Closely with A Cleaning Crew

Work closely with a professional cleaning crew to make sure you are on the same page and know what is expected from each party.

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