Cold Prevention throughout your Office

It’s a simple truth that nobody likes getting sick. Not only does it feel miserable it also decreases productivity in the workplace. Being proactive is the best way to prevent the whole office from getting sick. Cold prevention is key to keeping employees healthy and productive throughout the year and especially during those months when the cold and flu are at their peak. Here are some tips to prevent the colds before they even start. 

Proper Hygiene

Encourage proper hygiene among employees. Germs spread easily by the hand, either from person to person or from person to surface. Employees should wash their hands often to prevent germs from spreading. Provide hand sanitizers around the office for easy access. Share proper hygiene tips such as coughing/sneezing into ones elbow instead of hand. Cold prevention starts with proper hygiene.

Sanitize High Traffic Areas

Places that are touched multiple times a day by different people can transfer germs. Use a disinfectant to clean high traffic areas such as desks, keyboards, counter tops, and doorknobs. It’s highly suggested to clean these areas more frequently during periods when illnesses are more common.


While there are no vaccines for the common cold the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends to get vaccinated for the flu as soon as possible. Having employees get vaccinated can save the whole office from catching the flu.

Sick Policy

Most employees tend to come in to work even when they feel ill to avoid using their days off staying at home sick. This can be problem in preventing a sickness from spreading to rest of the office. Having a good sick policy in place is a great tool for cold prevention. Set a way for employees to work from home in order to keep up with productivity while keeping the office germ-free. Send home any employees to show up to work sick as well.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Getting a commercial office cleaning service is a great way of preventing colds as well as keeping the office clean. A cleaning service can disinfect the office and clean the places where germs congregate the most. While a good office cleaning from professional is a great preventative measure it can also be used time when there is a peak outbreak in the office.

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