Common Contaminants Found in Data Centers

Common Contaminants Found in Data Centers

One of the major threats against data centers is that of contamination. However, this microscopic threat is often neglected simply because you would never be able to see it. By learning about the common contaminants found in data centers, you’ll understand why data room cleaning services are so vital in the preservation and protection of your equipment.

Interior Contaminants

Many of these contaminants come from inside, so even if you were to perfectly seal your data center from the outside, individuals entering the data center for maintenance may still pose a risk of contaminating the system. Lint from clothing, skin particles, hair follicles—all are seemingly innocuous, but they can pose a rather significant threat to the data center.

Other contaminants that could come from within include gases, fibers, paper, or fan belt debris from air units wearing down. So much of the necessary equipment needed to protect your data center can also be a source of contaminants. By understanding common contaminants found in data centers, you’ll be able to find a way to compensate for these sources of contaminants and minimize damage.

External Contaminants

Most people are more aware of contaminants that come from the outside. These contaminants include pollution, sea salt, pollen, dust, exhaust, and anything else that can be carried through the air. Each of these contaminants can threaten your data center by clogging up ventilation or corroding sensitive equipment. External contaminants are inevitable, as it’s impossible to seal your data center in a vacuum and because sources of contaminants are everywhere.

Contaminant Entrances

Some of the most common ways contaminants squirm their way into your data centers are through air conditioners, open doors, and clothing. Anything brought into the room brings with it the risk of potential contaminants. Because you can’t see many of these contaminants, it makes regular disinfection all the more important to reduce risks to your data center.

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