Have Your Daycare Cleaned During the Holiday Break

Getting regular professional daycare cleaning services is the best possible way to ensure that the children in your care stay healthy and happy. There are a whole list of things which, when they are not properly maintained, contribute to the spread of germs. These include dirty linens, bedding, toys, utensils, and surfaces. Professional cleanings combined with regular disinfecting are key. Why not have a holiday daycare cleaning done right over the holidays?  

The Two Steps Of Proper Daycare Cleaning

Keeping all of these objects and surfaces germ-free requires two main steps. First, a surface cleaning must take place with soap and water followed by a thorough rinsing. This cleans surface dirt, which is important, but does not actually remove germs. This is where the next step, disinfecting, comes in. You can disinfect things using a few different methods. Always remember to check the specific rules and regulations about disinfecting in regards to child care for your state.   

-Use a solution of bleach and water after understanding how potent your concentration of bleach is.

-Use your dishwasher on durable plastic toys. High water pressure and hot temperatures will do wonders to disinfect these items.

-Use your washing machine on cloth toys, linens, and bedding. For colorfast material, utilize a half cup of chlorine bleach. For non-colorfast material, use a half cup of non-chlorinated bleach.

Be Cautious About Commercial Disinfectants

Do not choose any disinfectant without the proper care and research. Many are inappropriate for use in a childcare setting and/or toxic to children. Read labels carefully and be aware of these warnings and signs.

-Hospital grade germicides often contain chemicals which are toxic and dangerous to children.

-Avoid all products that have a warning label that reads DANGER or CORROSIVE.

-Before using anything other than bleach and water, consult with your childcare nurse consultant or licensing agency to make sure that it is safe and acceptable.


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