The Dirtiest Places in Your Office and How to Keep Them Clean

Now that sniffles and sneezes are taking over your office, it’s clear that flu season has arrived! Whether you need a commercial cleaning or a retail cleaning, it’s important to know the dirtiest places in your office and the best ways to keep them clean.

Computers and Phones

These are some of the most-touched objects in the office that many workers never think to clean. If employees come in with a cold, they get germs all over their computer and phone (on top of the germs that they left there yesterday). Think of how many times you wash your hands before picking up the phone or typing on the keyboard—it’s probably close to zero! Shared keyboards and phones can be an especially big problem. Make sure that you always keep cleaning materials and electronics-friendly wipes near each workstation to encourage workers to use them.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is always a potential hotbed of germs, as employees bring in their own food from home (and sometimes leave it there for weeks at a time). Countertops, sinks, tables, and chairs can all hold on to bacteria and germs. Make a special effort during cold and flu season to wipe down tables and chairs regularly. Set a special day every week that you clean out the refrigerator and then thoroughly wipe down the inside of that. Chances are, you are forgetting one thing in your office—the coffee maker! Coffee makers don’t get cleaned very frequently, which can lead to mold and funky coffee sitting in the pot still on Monday morning. Make sure that you clean out the coffee pot and also take the time to wipe down the sugar and creamer (some of the most touched object in your office).

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