Is Your Cleaning Company Saving You Time?

Cleaning Company Professional CleanerThere’s not enough hours in the day!  Too many priorities.  Excessive interruptions.  Endless meetings.  The list goes on!  While constant prioritization is a must, leaning on your vendors is vital.  Your vendors are there to provide a dependable service.  They should save you time.  They should allow you to focus on your objectives.  The same holds true for your cleaning company.

A responsible cleaning company can save you time.  Furthermore, a responsive cleaning company will save you even more time.  What do we mean?  If you are accountable for managing your cleaning company, the following will help achieve the most from them.  The relationship should be stress free and trustworthy.  Note these 3 recommendations:

1. Ensure Communication Expectations

If you have a cleaning issue or need, ensure you understand who and how to communicate with.  Setting response expectations are fundamental.  For example, what happens if there is an emergency?  Is primary and secondary contact information clear and current?  How quickly will your cleaning company respond?  How quickly is your business able to respond?  What scenarios should be reviewed to ensure clarity?  These simple steps can save you time.  In conclusion, well defined communication paths should not be optional.

2. Ensure Contractual Tasks Are Exactly What You Need:

Your cleaning contract has been signed.  Your cleaning company is now servicing your building.  However, certain items seem lacking.  You pull the contract, and note some tasks were not identified as needs.  Must you wait until contractual renewal to rectify?  Absolutely not!  Your janitorial provider should quickly process change orders.  Ensuring the cleaning tasks are specified exactly as you need them will save you time in the long run!  Subsequently, these new tasks should be quickly placed into operation on your behalf.

3. Proactive Meetings vs Reactive Meetings:

Regularly scheduled meetings with your cleaning company contact will save you time.  This proactive approach allows for a consistent review of quality, inventory, and change needs.  This will prevent excessive reactive communication both during business hours and after.  Understanding what’s happening and when can prevent the need for responsive concerns.  The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” absolutely applies.  In conclusion, your janitorial provider should take the lead in ensuring proactive meetings are on the schedule.

Foreman Pro Cleaning – We’re Here to Save You Time!

Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC is a top-rate commercial cleaning company offering a full suite of services.  We provide commercial cleaning in the Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, and the Washington D.C. Metro Areas.  Further, in Virginia, we provide our full line of janitorial services to the Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, and Norfolk metro areas.  Contact Us today, and we’ll get started on your customized cleaning program!