Tips for Choosing a Medical Office Cleaning Company

Tips for Choosing a Medical Office Cleaning Company

Finding the right cleaning company is difficult for any business, but it’s even tougher for medical offices that require such high standards of cleanliness. We understand the importance placed on sanitation as a healthcare provider to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your patients. So, to help you find the professionals you need, here are some tips for choosing a medical office cleaning company.

Perform a Background Check

While this seems the most obvious, it’s important you look at a few more things than just what services a cleaning company is offering to ensure you are getting the best possible service at a fair price. You’ll want to examine a cleaning company’s hours and days they work for practicality, especially if you want them to come through and clean after your medical office’s working hours. Secondly, compare cleaning services. Compare the rates each company is charging for the same services, what their hiring procedure is, and how they train and screen their employees to get a sense of what you can expect when working with a certain cleaning company.

Another good idea is to consult with other medical offices that have previously made use of a cleaning company’s services. It’s a good way to hear about a cleaning company’s reputation from a firsthand experience. Ask questions like if they were satisfied with a cleaning service’s results and whether they’d recommend the service.

Establish Cleaning Processes

Any good professional cleaning company will have an established and thorough process that is readily available for you to review. The best ones will have procedures specifically for medical cleaning services so that you know they understand the distinction of cleaning for a medical office and a commercial one. Furthermore, when a cleaning service does have an established process, they will typically have a cleaning checklist for their staff you could request to review. This will display how thorough and meticulous the cleaning service is so you can check to make sure their service covers all your needs and doesn’t cut corners.

Ask About Liability Insurance

Any professional cleaning service you consider must be able to provide proof of insurance and demonstrate that they are fully licensed. This is not only to show that they are professional and trustworthy, but will protect both you and the cleaning service if one of their employees is injured on the job. This is a good tip for choosing a medical cleaning company as it’s also a way to see if the personnel they hire are professionals or cash workers.