What Day Porter Services Are

What Day Porter Services Are

The unsung heroes of sanitation, day porter services are an incredibly worthwhile investment for any business. This service handles the burden of a clean and sanitized workplace by acting as a daily janitorial service. With advanced equipment and training, day porters are an absolute necessity to maintain a healthy environment. To persuade you further, let’s expand upon what day porter services are.

What Is a Day Porter?

Not to be confused with janitor contractors, which operate after work hours and within a specific scope, day porters are present during your business’s working hours to keep up with maintenance. Day porters can use advanced equipment if necessary. They are professionally trained personnel who know the best practices for proper disinfection. They sanitize objects many people touch daily, like doorknobs, to avoid a buildup of bacteria and avoid illness.

Specified To Your Needs

A feature unique to day porter services is that their schedule and checklist are fully customizable for your needs, which differs from a standard general cleaning. If you have difficulty cleaning a specific area, or if an aspect of your workplace needs consistent maintenance, our day porters are happy to add it to their duties. Remember that a day porter’s job is to care for your building to the best of their ability, which is what makes communication with the day porters you hire so crucial.

Easy Management

Rather than a replacement for your typical janitorial contract, day porters can act as an extension of your staff. Your janitorial contract can be valuable as oversight and management to the day porters, helping to identify specific needs and exchanging knowledge and practices. And if a problem arises with the day porter service, you can approach your janitorial contractor to address the issue. Day porters are contract employees, so the janitorial contractor could aid in management. Also, day porters work best as a supplement to your janitorial contractor because your janitor contractor can make up the difference when a day porter is absent.