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3 Critical Floor Cleaning Services

Most can agree that first impressions are vital.  This goes double for any business.  So, what are the first things you notice when stepping into business buildings?  Often, it’s the state of the floors.  Are they dirty and grimy?  Or, are they shiny and clean?  How do you keep them shiny and clean?  There are 3 Critical Floor Cleaning Services that can help keep impressions high.

To expound though, the appearance of a company’s floors, especially if they are hard floors, can quickly tell a potential customer if your business is clean and organized.  Quality floor cleaning is something important to nearly every industry.  Office buildings, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, daycare centers and the like must have clean floors.  For example, patients do not want to visit a Doctor’s office with dirty unkept floors.  This can erode confidence in the practice.  Likewise, if a potential customer investigating a daycare or learning center observes dull and stained hard floors, chances are the first impression is not good.  Thus, to help you avoid a negative first impression, note these 3 Critical Floor Cleaning Services.

Service 1: Strip and Wax

Many would say that the strip and wax is the foundation service for waxable floor types (such as VCT tile).  If you have ever been in a beautiful lobby with shining floors, there is a sense of grandness and importance that exists.  So, let’s breakdown what a strip and wax service entails.

The process starts with the application of a chemical that strips worn or aged wax from the floor.  You can apply this chemical in several ways.  Often, a cleaning technician will use a microfiber mop.  You must let the stripping agent rest for an appropriate amount of time.  Next, it’s time to machine scrub the floors.  This removes the floor finish and sealers.  After the residue is removed, a professional floor cleaner will make sure the area has good air circulation and apply floor finish stripper, scrape any final trouble spots and remove all excess residue. After a final mopping with clean water, it’s time for the wax application.

New floor wax is applied via a multi-coat process.  Apply coat one to clean and dry floors.  Next, allow the first coat of wax to dry.  Then, apply the second coat of wax.  And, allow the second coat to dry.  This process continues to occur until the appropriate amount of wax is applied for the floor type and foot traffic requirements.  Multiple layers can offer a deep shine.  A typical guideline is to apply at least 3 coats of wax.

Don’t underestimate how much this single service can completely change the first impression!  Your employees will likely appreciate the look and feel as well.

Service 2: Burnishing

There is more to maintaining a shiny floor than just the strip and wax process itself.  Burnishing is a process to get the maximum shine out of your hard floors.  It works by deep scrubbing and partially removing the top layer of previously applied wax.  Furthermore, using the proper burnishing equipment, such as appropriate pad coarseness, and correct rpm rated machines are vital for a good result.  Burnishing can help maintain a high shine to a hard floor. Put simply, if the strip and wax got your floors beautiful, a good burnishing rotation with the appropriate frequency based upon the wax type and foot traffic can help keep it that way.

An experienced floor cleaning technician will thoroughly clean the area before starting the burnishing process.  This is important because any loose dust or dirt left on the surface may ultimately make its way into the wax surface if not removed before the process. That is to say that when the dirt is forced into the process, the maximum shine of your wax floors will be thwarted.

Some locations that especially benefit from this type of regular floor burnishing maintenance are:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Office Buildings Entrances and Common Areas
  • Daycare & Learning Centers

Service 3: Autoscrub & Floor Scrub

Auto scrubbing and floor scrubbing are most often synonymous terms.  A machine floor scrubber is one of the best tools to maintain larger space hard floors.  It will clean hard floors using floor cleaning agents, a rotating scrubbing pad, combined with real-time water suction vacuum in one pass.  They are capable of penetrating and removing dirt and stains you might be hard-pressed to achieve with good old elbow grease and a mop!

Floor Scrubber machines do a lot of the work for you as you guide the machine similar to the way you would a lawnmower!  Autoscrub machines work well with most floor types including concrete, vinyl, tile, and more.  Be cautious of overly porous floors or non-sealed natural wood floors.  Of course, always follow manufacturer instructions before professionally cleaning any floor type.  An autoscrub or floor scrub machine is a great maintenance tool for consistently cleaned floors, especially in high traffic areas.

Foreman Pro Cleaning: Your Floor Cleaning Vendor

Clearly, there is much more to maintaining hard floors than ‘pulling out the mop’ a few times a week!  A trusted floor cleaning vendor is often needed.

Foreman Pro Cleaning is a proven full-service floor cleaning vendor.  Contact Us today and we’ll get started on your free estimate!