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Urgent Care Cleaning Best Practices

Do not underestimate Urgent Care cleaning best practices!  Professional cleaning is an essential maintenance practice at Urgent Care clinics.  Germs on surfaces, airborne threats, and other pathogens can spread quickly.  Without a proper cleaning plan in place, contamination can become an unhealthy problem.  Thus, how can Urgent Care center administrators ensure cleanliness?

Ultimately, the process starts with developing a customized cleaning plan and providing proper employee training. Medical clinics are best prepared to keep areas clean with employees trained and a plan in place.  Need some ideas for developing an urgent care cleaning plan? Note these five best practices:

1.  Target High-Touch Surfaces

In your custom cleaning plan, focus on high-touch surfaces. These are surfaces that come into contact with hands like bed-rails, counter-tops, restrooms, door handles, etc.  Bacteria is most likely to be found on these surfaces, and as such, they should be a primary focus for regular sanitizing.

2.  Prioritize Properly

Urgent care centers have different types of rooms that serve various purposes. Some office areas will naturally be “cleaner,” meaning they aren’t as susceptible to the spread of germs. For example, a mail room may not have as many harmful bacteria on surfaces as a restroom.

When developing your cleaning plan, prioritize clean and dirty spaces. Start cleaning in the “cleaner” areas like a low use office before moving into “dirtier” areas like a restroom or exam room. This can help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria.

3.  Limit Cross-Contamination

Cleaning medical office facilities requires many different tools and cleaning agents, which makes cross-contamination prevention a challenge. For example, decommission a cleaning cloth that has been used in a dirty area immediately.  It’s essential to use the proper cleaning supplies and processes.

Microfiber mops and towels can reduce more bacteria. However, do not use them in more than one area.  Additionally, using the appropriate disinfectant and sanitizing agents are highly important.

4.  Reduce Airborne Threats

An Urgent Care center cleaning plan should take into consideration airborne threats. These threats can be caused by improper disposal of hazardous materials or using the wrong equipment. To reduce airborne risks, be sure to use HEPA filter vacuums and microfiber towels.

Additionally, proper waste disposal is essential. For example, avoid pushing air out of a utilized trash container.  This will send bacteria into the air.  Likewise, failing to roll up soiled bed sheets or fabrics can create airborne bacteria.

5.  Outsource To A Professional Cleaning Vendor

A properly executed Urgent Care cleaning program can be time consuming. Training in house medical staff will reduce operational efficiency. Outsourcing the cleaning to a reliable cleaning company can help reduce costs, ensure compliance, and keep your cleaning program on schedule.

Urgent Care Cleaning Best Practices – It’s About Your Patients!

In conclusion, proper cleaning is vitally important for patients. Visitors to Urgent Care facilities may already be vulnerable to illness, and therefore, regular cleaning helps to limit risks to patients. There are several ways this can help improve patient experiences:

  • First Impressions:  When patients perceive cleanliness, they’re more likely to return and use your facility again. They may also rate your facility more highly and recommend you. Regular cleaning ensures all areas are clean and tidy.
  • Reduces Clinic-Acquired Infections:  Many patients are susceptible to illness, and that’s why some patients can acquire infections more readily during a visit to a dirty facility.  Thus, to limit bacteria, proper cleaning is a requirement.

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