3 Tips for Data Center Contamination Control

If you have a data center at your business, you know that even the smallest amount of dirt and dust can damage modern components. Protecting your data center from contaminates is an important way to make sure your systems work the way they need to. Here are a few data center cleaning tips to help keep you fully operational.

Limit Access and Activity

A key to keeping your data center clean is to keep tabs on what and who are going in and out of the center. No food or drink is at the top of the list, but limiting paper products is also important as they give off large amounts of particulates. For that same reason, any new components or equipment should be unpacked and prepared outside of the data center.

Wipe Your Feet

Shoes and clothing are big transporters of contamination. Asking employees to wear protective coveralls in the data center may be unnecessary, and time consuming. A good practice is to place floor mats at all entrances to the data center to make sure employees are not tracking in large amounts of dirt on their shoes.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

No matter how many precautions you take, sooner or later you will need an experienced cleaning company to come in and give your data center a detailed cleaning. Make sure you hire a company with experience working with data centers, specifically, to ensure they understand the delicacy needed around that kind of equipment.

Keep It Clean with Foreman Pro Cleaning

Why trust your data center cleaning to Foreman Pro Cleaning? Our data center cleaning segment is managed by a seasoned project manager with over 10 years of experience in the Critical Care Environment space, to ensure thoughtful, knowledgeable oversight and the use of best practices. We build processes into all that we do so as to deliver consistency, quality, and efficiency every time we service your facility. We can arrange a cleaning program to keep your facility at your desired level of cleanliness and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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