Why Hire a Professional Cleaner to Strip and Wax Your Floor?

Having the right equipment is just one thing that makes striping and waxing easier.

Striping and waxing doesn’t seem that hard, does it? You take off the old wax with a chemical and put on new wax, and just like that you have sparkling, good as new floors. If only it really were that easy. The reality is that striping and waxing a floor can be a time consuming and backbreaking undertaking if you don’t know what you’re doing, or have the right equipment. Add in the floor space and amount of furniture found in a retail store or office and you can start to see why hiring a professional is better than doing it yourself. If you aren’t sold, here’s a quick run down of what striping and waxing entails, and why the pro’s are better suited to handle the task.


First you need a clean floor, and the cleaner the better. Remove all the furniture before you get started, and then sweep up any dust and dirt. It there are any stains or particularly dirty areas you may want to mop. Just make sure the floor is totally dry before you start striping the foor.


To strip the old wax off the floor you’ll need floor finish stripper, two buckets, two mops, a squeegee, a scrubbing brush, and probably a putty knife. Don’t forget to wear the proper clothing and protection suitable for working with chemicals. First, mix the stripper with water in one of the buckets, and fill the other with clean water. Use one mop to apply the stripper to the floor, and let it soak in. Use the scrubbing brush to scrape away any wax buildup, and bring in the putty knife for any large buildups. Remove the stipper using a squeegee and then mop the floor with clean water and let it dry.


Waxing is a little more simple than striping a floor. Using a new mop (that’s three different mops at this point) apply the new wax in sections. Once you’ve done the entire floor and it’s completely dry, go back and apply another layer. Check with the label on the wax you are using to see the recommended number of layers. Some modern waxes don’t require buffering, but for those that do you’ll need to buff the floor in a circular motion until the floor looks nice and glossy.

Let Foreman Pro Cleaning Do the Work For You

Now that you know all the work and equipment that goes into cleaning, striping, and waxing a floor, why not call the professionals at Foreman Pro Cleaning to do it for you? We are a family-owned and operated company with over 25 years of professional cleaning experience. We build processes into all that we do so as to deliver consistency, quality, and efficiency every time we service your facility. We can arrange a cleaning program to keep your facility at your desired level of cleanliness and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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