Five Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

You and all of your employees spend at least forty hours every week in your office. Chances are, most of you are also doing the work of multiple people. Chances are your desk and office looks like you are using the supplies of multiple people! A clean office is shown to help increase productivity, promote positive morale, and give a good impression to any visiting clients. How can you make sure that your office stays clean when your workload is heavy? Here are five tips for office cleaning to keep your smile and your desk sparkling.

Don’t Forget to File

Paper adds up quickly in an office, especially when you are required to print or save many documents. It’s also something that professional office cleaning companies cannot easily move or work around. Make an effort to file papers as you go. Consider providing filing trays or folders for your employees that are clearly labeled, so that they can easily access and file them throughout the day. By making filing a habit, you can prevent a huge pile of papers at the end of the week.

Wipe It Down

We do many things at our desk other than work, and the crumbs in your keyboard are proof! While working lunches are now standard, you shouldn’t have to settle for the Cheetos dust on the corner of your computer monitor or the tomato soup spatter on your mouse pad. A professional office cleaning service can clean up all these spills, but for daily maintenance you can use electronics-friendly cleaning wipes to clean up your monitor and keyboard daily.

Declutter Your Desk

Your desk is where you set down your own things, where your fellow co-workers set down assignments for you, and where you spend most of your workday. As a result, it gets cluttered pretty easily. Don’t spend ten minutes digging for the agenda for the afternoon meeting every day! Schedule a time for tidying up your desk every day and follow through with it. Minimize any non-essential items like tchotchkes and picture frames to help your space look and feel clean.

A Place for Everything, and Everything In Its Place

Now that you have decluttered and cleaned up your desk as part of your office cleaning, make sure that everything has a place to sit. Assign a space on or in your desk for everything essential and don’t be afraid to label things so that you can find them easily (or easily direct your co-workers as to where they are). Once you get used to putting things away as you go, your office desk will be staying clean in no time!

Hire Foreman Pro Cleaning for an Office Cleaning

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