Green Cleaning Tips

If you are interested in green cleaning but don’t know where to start, Foreman Pro Cleaning can help. We are a professional green cleaning company with years of experience keeping residential and commercial spaces clean without harsh and unpleasant chemicals. Some common cleaners are toxic, derived from petroleum, not biodegradable, or contribute to polluting our water. You can save money and the environment, however, by cleaning with some things you may already have in your cabinets. There are numerous common household items you may already have on hand which double as excellent green cleaning solutions.To learn more about how to go clean and green, read on.


When you mix vinegar with a little water, you have an effective spray cleaner with none of the toxic chemicals. This kills germs, fungus, and bacteria on walls, cupboards, window, and other surfaces.

Baking Soda

This is an easy way to clean sinks or bathtubs as it’s an effective scouring powder. Add a little to your sponge before you get started scrubbing these surfaces. Baking soda is also a wonderful deodorizer and lacks any harsh chemicals.  

Lemon Juice

Hot water and lemon juice can help cut through the grease on pots or pans, making it a green cleaning staple.

Olive and Almond Oil

These oils are excellent for polishing furniture. Almond oil is specifically useful when applied to unvarnished furniture.


Cornstarch can be used to help cut the smells from carpets and rugs. It can also be used to soak up and clean pesky spilled liquids.  

Isopropyl Alcohol

This can be used to disinfect surfaces and items effectively.  

Citrus Solvent

This is a convenient and hassle-free way to clean oils, paint brushes, and grease without resorting to harsh and toxic chemicals.   

Some Handy Tips

-Use foil underneath casserole and pie dishes when they go in the oven. This makes for easier clean up which requires fewer, if any, harsh chemicals afterwards.  

-Never mix bleach and ammonia, as this creates a toxic final product. In fact, avoid creating your own cleaners without doing extensive research first, as randomly combining chemicals can prove dangerous.  

Hire Foreman Pro Cleaning for Professional Green Cleaning

Foreman Pro Cleaning is a full service janitorial and commercial green cleaning company equipped to keep your office in tip-top shape for years to come. If you’re ready to see how a professional can upgrade your service and keep your employees and clients happy, give us a call at 410-741-3450.