Keep Your Office Smelling Nice with These Tips

Summertime in the Mid-Atlantic region can get a little stuffy with the intense humidity we all know and love. Besides being insanely uncomfortable, the humidity can make things sort of…aromatic, if you know what we mean. Heat and humidity are a perfect one-two punch when trying to keep your office smelling nice and clean. The humidity makes things worse because the higher than average amount of water molecules in the air are what bad, and good, smells travel around on.  Here are a few tips for keeping your office fresh all summer long.

Check the Drains

Drains are notorious for harboring bad smells. Grime and bacteria build up over time and sit, out of sight, out of mind. Over time, the grime can start to give off bad smells that seem to be coming from a perfectly clean room. A day porter who makes sure your drains are kept clean will be a huge help when it comes to fighting off bad smells, especially in bathrooms where there’s a high concentration of drains.

Deep Clean the Carpets

Even in the humid summers this region is known for lawns and other grassy areas can dry and become dust fields. That means more dry dirt coming through your high-traffic areas and settling in the carpet. Weekly cleanings by a day porter help remove surface level dirt, but over time dirt will settle into your carpet. When this happens it’s essential to have your carpets deep cleaned before the dirt starts and smell and cause discoloration.

Check the HVAC Units

Ahh the beauty of air conditioning. No matter how hot it is outside you’re cool and comfy. Air conditioning systems can be a breeding ground for unpleasant smells since they create a large amount of condensation. Condensation can lead to mold, since all it takes is a little moisture to help mold spores stick and grow on just about any surface. This is especially true if the condensation gets into your carpet.

Hire Foreman Pro Cleaning for Professional Green Cleaning

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