Tips to Keep a Clean Daycare

Little children, who do not yet understand the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness, can spread all kinds of germs if they are not watched carefully. In their quest to have fun and curiously explore their world, they can often contribute to the spread of illnesses without even realizing it. Maintaining a clean and safe daycare space for them can be a challenge, but with these tips on hand you’ll be able to make sure they enjoy a sanitary and safe environment. A clean daycare will positively impact children’s health.

One Of The Most Important Parts Of A Clean Daycare Is Clean Kids

The best way to prevent the spread of germs is by making sure your kids wash their hands regularly. Make sure they wash their hands before eating, after eating, after they use the bathroom, and after they play. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand, but out of their reach, is also an excellent way to maintain cleanliness. Regular lice checks are also important, and can prevent all out outbreaks.

Clean And Sanitize Daycare Toys

Kids love toys and love to play with and share them, so clean toys are a key part of a clean daycare, and will have a great impact of children’s health. Stuffed toys can hold onto germs, and are difficult to clean. Toys with plastic surfaces are the easiest to sanitize. Regularly spot cleaning the toys and doing a deep cleaning once a month will help halt the spread of germs. Deep freezing stuffed animals weekly in a plastic bag for 4-5 hours will generally kill any dust mites, allergens, or germs that have taken residence in or on the toy.  

Scheduled Cleanings  

All of the surfaces in your daycare require the attention and skill of an experienced professional to maintain peak cleanliness. From rugs, to floors, to bathrooms, to carpets, to tile, to windows, to doorknobs, nothing stops the spread of germs like a deep professional daycare cleaning.

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