Cleaning Tips to Fight Cold Season

Might you be in need of cleaning tips to fight cold season?

Now that our first serious snowstorm is on its way, we officially declare winter upon us. Looking ahead to the month or two of cold that we have in front of us, it’s important to make sure that your office isn’t looking at a month or two of colds that accompany this weather. Cold season is already under way, so here are some workplace flu and cold prevention tips to keep your employees healthy this winter.

Cleaning Tips to Fight Cold Season:  Find Germ Hotspots

As it relates to cleaning tips to fight cold season, a good tactic year-round, but particularly for wintertime cold prevention, is to be aware of surfaces that are touched frequently.  There are some easy ones to identify, like bathrooms and doorknobs, but what about the less obvious ones? What about the break room, where maybe someone licked their fingers and then used the microwave? What about the coffee pot that someone used this morning right after blowing their nose from the cold? Outsmart the germs by knowing where they like to gather en masse, and disinfect like crazy! Office cleaning products like disinfectant wipes are easy ways to minimize germ spreading ahead of your next professional office cleaning.

Practice Good Personal Health Habits

Think back to what we learned in elementary school. Wash your hands frequently. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. (Bonus tip! Use your elbow to cover and further minimize germs spread by touch.) The reason we’re taught these habits so early is because we’re embarking on our first experience of being surrounded by a lot of people on a daily basis. Starting by practicing your own good habits is key to cold prevention. And if you need a sick day, take one! Pressures for high productivity can certainly be overwhelming, but staying home when you need to will help you get better faster and prevent your sickness from spreading throughout the office.

Get a Professional Office Cleaning

As helpful as intermediate office cleaning efforts can be, the best way to keep a truly clean workplace is to let the professionals have a go at it once in a while. Foreman Pro Cleaning’s professional office cleaning services offer a very thorough clean that will surely help your cold prevention efforts.

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