Data Center Post Construction Cleaning Guidelines

Data Center Post Construction Cleaning Guidelines

Right after building your data center, you’re debating on how to clean it properly without causing errors or severe problems. It’s vital to perform as little work as possible while also working off of a checklist. An agenda is essential because it helps keep operations running smoothly. Here’s more to look over for your data center post-construction cleaning guidelines.

Why a Data Center Checklist Is Important

To keep any part of your data center clean and in good operations, you need a process to work off. A checklist for data centers comes into play here; it’ll help keep tasks to a minimum by reminding you to do basic tasks such as dusting and removing debris. Keeping operations running is essential. If not, you’ll risk going into crisis mode if a piece of junk or even dust gets into your data center.

What Should Go Into a Data Center Checklist

Everyone does their processes differently, and not one single person has identical steps. Keep in mind, though, the sections listed below should be in your checklist to help you determine everything in your data center is working and looking pristine.

Clean Sub-Floors

Also called “raised floors,” sub-floors house the data center. This helps prevent people from stepping on any wires and decreases the chances of the wires crossing and getting tangled. The sub-floors help pump cool air to prevent overheating and actually can receive quite a lot of foot traffic. Aside from a professional cleaning service, we recommend removing the floor tiles and wiping the floor panels’ opposite sides. Afterward, go ahead and vacuum the area, use a static cleaner to clean dust and other debris around the center, and make sure all loose parts are removed.

Clean the Top of Floor

Once you’ve removed the raised floor, you need to replace the tiles. Vacuum debris and particles from the slates and wipe down the bases with a mop and anti-static wipes. It’s essential to be incredibly mindful when wiping down equipment since they’re sensitive. When you’re cleaning your data center, do so with a limited number of liquids.

Straighten Up Every Surface

After cleaning your floors, make sure every surface is cleaned and wiped down with anti-static wipes. Replace all tape that’s been removed into their same positions. These basic steps help you determine a proper cleaning process for your entire data center. When cleaning, ensure that you’re using professional commercial cleaning services at least once a year after the construction of your data center.

For proper cleaning services for your data center, you can contact Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC, by clicking here or calling us at 888-360-1688. We provide the proper techniques to properly inspecting and cleaning your raised floors and giving you the reassurance of an accurate set of data center post-construction cleaning guidelines.