Day Porters Fight the Flu!

Keeping your office safe against the flu can feel like a task no one person is capable of doing on their own. While it’s true everyone needs to take precautions to keep themselves safe, some are more qualified to fight the good fight than others. Who are these custodial crusaders? Day porters, your best defense against the flu this season.

Super Powers

Day porters are experienced flu fighters. They know where to clean and how to clean it in a way that ensures your office looks great and is safe. Touchpoints and stain removal are their favorite topics of discussion, and knowing how to deal with them is a point of pride. Day porters work with you to establish a cleaning schedule that works for your business and employees.

How They Can Help You

Day porters are always there when you need them, changing light bulbs, washing windows and taking out the trash. Their job is to make sure your office, dealership, bank or gym is clean and clear. High traffic areas are their specialty, especially bathrooms and waiting rooms, and they’re always on hand in case of an urgent clean up situation. This is your everyday cleaning that keeps things tidy until you need a deep clean.

Enlist Day Porter Custodian Services for Your Business

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