Dance floor in banquet hall

How to Properly Clean a Dance Floor

Homecoming dances are taking place in high schools across the country, fall weddings are taking place amongst the beautiful autumn scenery, and extracurricular dance classes are taking off as the fall semester begins. All of these things mean one thing—it’s time to take great care of your facility’s dance floor! Caring for a dance floor isn’t the same as caring for any old hardwood floor, so here are some tips for properly cleaning yours.

Prevent Damage from Occurring in the First Place

Like with most things, the best way to prevent damage to a dance floor is by having rules in place to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Make sure that anyone using your dance floor wears dance shoes or no shoes at all. If this isn’t possible (like at a homecoming dance), make sure that you perform extra cleaning and maintenance before and after the event.

Daily Maintenance

As part of your daily cleaning, sweep the dance floor to remove any dust or debris on the surface. Your broom should be made of a soft material, not anything scratchy like straw that can cause damage and scratching. The broom you use to clean the dance floor should be only used to clean the dance floor to avoid cross contamination and spreading any harsh cleaning chemicals or debris on the dance floor surface. Dry mopping is another great way to clean your dance floor every day. Use a clean pad to get rid of any dust or debris that the broom wasn’t able to pick up.

Special Maintenance

Wet mopping should not be done every day in your facility. Wet mopping is harsher than dry mopping and will, over time, damage the finish of the floor. If you work in a facility that uses the dance studio every day for long periods of time, mop every 2 to 3 days. Mop smoothly and evenly across the entire floor to ensure a consistent finish and even level of slipperiness across the floor. Use lukewarm water and a dance floor cleaner that has a neutral pH.

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