10 Touchpoints to Keep Clean this Flu Season

Flu season can be hard on everyone, however, simply by keeping your home clean and making use of a commercial cleaning service, you may just be able to beat it. Here are 10 touch points worth your focus and the focus of any commercial cleaning company, that will help keep your home or office space flu free.

Door Knobs and Locks

Everyone that enters and exits a room or home touches these all the time, causing germs to accumulate. It’s critical to give them a wipe-down.

Light Switch Plates

It’s not uncommon to see the often-forgotten room fixtures caked with fingerprints. If they are really crusty and neglected, you may even have to use a toothbrush to scrub them clean.

Cupboard Handles and Drawer Pulls

These are all around the house, from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens, and each can accumulate its own types of bacteria and germs. These need to be disinfected regularly. Do not forget the handles and pulls on your kitchen appliances as well. These are commonly overlooked by most cleaning companies but a professional cleaning service won’t let these fall through the cracks.

Hand Railings  

These are often touched and just as often forgotten. Wipe them down!

Toilet Flushers

Bathrooms need to be kept clean year-round for health and safety reasons but need extra cleaning during flu season.

Faucet Handles

These can quickly become grimy and covered in germs and need strict regular cleaning.

Soap Pumps

As long as soap pumps are still in use in many places, they must be regularly cleaned.


Whether you have a smartphone or landline, all that constant touching and breathing on means that they must be cleaned.

Keyboards and Mice

These are some of the most germ-laden objects in any home or office, as they are constantly touched, often by multiple people, and rarely cleaned.

Remote Controls

Everyone in a house touches a remote control, often while eating. These need regular cleanings.  


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