Dirtiest Places in Your Dorm

Whether you are sending off your first child to college or a student returning back for senior year, germs are definitely a concern. Campus dorms are home to many different germ filled places. With learning center cleaning services through Foreman Pro Cleaning, you can get your dorm (or your son’s) a lot cleaner for a little price. Where are some hot spots for germs in your dorm?


Dorm rooms are small, which means that the bed gets used as a desk, a bed, and many times a dining room table. As a result, beds become hot beds for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Some dorms might even come down with a bed bug problem, which can be incredibly difficult to clean up. According to a sleepbetter.org study, the average college senior’s pillow was home to 170 million potential bacteria counts and 40 million potential yeast and mold counts, including shigella (dysentery), and cladosporium molds (asthma, pulmonary infections). Learning center cleaning services are important inside and outside of the classroom!


Whether or not you realize it, college students take their laptops almost everywhere. Finishing a term paper at lunch in the dining hall, studying with friends outside on the lawn, or sitting at their desk—all of these places are home to different types of bacteria that are probably right at home on the keyboard. Make sure that you wipe down your computer, keyboard, and mouse before you get started so that you can protect yourself from germs. This is just as important when using public computers in the campus library, a place that can definitely benefit from learning center cleaning services.


Just like laptops, backpacks go all over the place with students. Worse than laptops—backpacks sit on the floor all over the place! College student backpacks sit on the classroom floor, the bus seat, the counter in the bathroom, benches in the locker room, and on your bed. All of these surfaces transfer their bacteria and germs to each other, so consider adding a hook to the back of the dorm room door to prevent even more germs spreading.

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