Tips for Keeping the Office Clean for Flu Season

Cold and flu season may be waiting in the wings, but you can be prepared and hopefully avoid that awful flu if you take some smart steps. Every year millions of people call in sick and if you’ve ever turned a doorknob, touched your computer keyboard, or done any other of a host of totally run of the mill things at work, then you’ve been at risk. Here are some important tips you can use to keep yourself healthy during cold and flu season.  

Make Sure That Your Desk Is Kept Clean

If you have never disinfected your desk, it may be harboring all sorts of germs you came into contact with by touching things in and out of the office. If you eat and drink regularly at your desk and have never disinfected it. It could definitely use it. While you’re at it, disinfect things on your desk, such as your phone and computer keyboard as well. Turn your keyboard upside down under the trash and shake it to get any crumbs out. Put all tissues used in the trash immediately, rather than on your desk.   

Avoid Eating At Your Desk

This is a hard habit to break. As you’re reading this you may very well be snacking at your desk. In fact, roughly two thirds of all office workers eat lunch at their desks. While this shows your dedication to your job, it also directly increases the level of bacterial contamination at your desk. If you can’t help but eat at your desk, be sure to clean it regularly to avoid flu season woes.

Have Carpets Cleaned Regularly

A dirty office will make your employees sick, and this can be even worse during cold and flu season. While individual employees can engage in healthy habits to avoid catching and spreading the flu, if their work environment is not well kept this will be incredibly difficult. Dirty carpets trap germs, bacteria, and pollutants which no one should have to breathe in all day.  


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