Deep Cleaning: Is it Needed?

Hectic or busy office spaces can be left vulnerable to becoming dirty and cluttered. Because employees are busy, cleaning isn’t at the forefront of anyone’s mind. While some individuals will make it a point to clean their own space, deep cleaning for the entire office is neglected. When deep cleaning is neglected your office space fails to be a healthy environment to work in.

Deep cleaning an office typically means going through every area of the space to create a clean and healthy work environment. While wiping down your own desk and cleaning up after yourself is a helpful way to maintain a clean work environment, other factors go into deep cleaning an office space.

To begin, a workspace must be wiped down in its entirety. The surface of the desk should be wiped down as well as the keyboard, mouse, and phone of the desk. Even though these surfaces are touched on a daily basis, they are very rarely cleaned properly. Other surfaces that should be cleaned include door handles, light switches, as well as kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

The kitchen and bathroom require specific attention because of the potential for mold. Refrigerator units as well as other areas for food storage and preparation should be properly cleaned and disinfected. Sinks should also be cleaned and disinfected to prevent mold growth. The sink and toilet within the office bathroom should also be cleaned and disinfected to prevent mold and mildew.

Furniture should then be moved to help properly clean the carpets of the office. Steam cleaning and vacuuming can help remove the allergens that are trapped within the carpet fibers to create a healthy environment.

Because deep cleaning your office takes so much time and effort, many office spaces fail to have the deep cleaning they need. If you believe your office space could benefit from deep cleaning, call a commercial cleaning company that specializes in deep cleaning.

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